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title pic Prayer Warriors Wanted

Posted by Lorren on October 18, 2008

I try to keep my blog as a general interest, Christian news and political commentary, with a splash of personal references as it is appropriate to the topic I’m writing about, but I need some help from any prayer warriors out there. I don’t want to get too gossipy about this, but I feel that this is really important.

My cousin broke his neck yesterday. I’m not sure of his exact condition, but I’m sure that he’s alive or I most likely would have heard of it.

I don’t believe that he is saved. His life doesn’t have any fruit to it whatsoever, and if you have any extra time, please read on because his family needs some extra prayers.

His father (my uncle) has been an alcoholic for as long as I’ve been alive. Alcohol has taken a strong toll on his body, and he is not in the best of health. It is only by God’s grace that he is still alive. I doubt that he is saved either. I pray for God to work in their lives and lead them to salvation every night. In the last several years, my uncle has been increasingly unable to take care of himself and has been abused by his son. I don’t live anywhere near these people, so I’m sure that I stay out of most of the drama, but my cousin has stolen my uncle’s food stamp money before, and has also stolen the house that my uncle used to live in. My uncle now lives in a trailer and can not take care of himself… I don’t think he washes regularly, and probably does not eat properly either.

Enter the wicked mother/slumlord (also my godmother). She “homeschooled” my cousin throughout his childhood, but cared more about partying than properly educating her son. She is irresponsible and is partly responsible for why my cousin stole my uncle’s house from under him. He does almost everything that she tells him to. I think that she owns the trailer my uncle lives in. Up until recently, she owned a rodent-infested trailer with faulty electrical wiring and without a working lock that my aunt was living in. Fortunately, my aunt has been blessed with the assistance of another aunt of mine, and is out of that situation. Anyway, aunt and godmother are also on my daily prayer list for salvation.

I’m not sure if my cousin’s children are being fed properly either… I think their parents forget to feed them sometimes. They are young, but I am worried about their salvation and how they will turn out, living in a life that is filled with such drama and difficulty.

Please pray for these people. My brother broke his neck a year or so ago, and he ended up healing completely. As for my cousin, what’s most important is his salvation, for what profiteth a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul? I don’t want my cousin to end up paralyzed or anything like that, but I feel that if this is the only way for him to find Jesus and repent and trust in the savior, then I prefer what is best for his soul than what is best for his temporal body. I have friends that have undergone dramatic transformations in their lives and are now saved Christians, and I know that God can save these people too.

So please pray for this whole situation. I didn’t mean to be gossipy, but his life, and the lives of those around him, need a lot more healing than just the healing of a broken neck. There are broken lives and souls at stake as well.

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