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title pic Gymathics is Good for Kinesthetic Learners

Posted by Lorren on November 30, 2009

I was recently sent a copy of Gymathics by Exploramania to review. Gymathics is a workout program that combines exercise with learning math concepts. This video would be great for kids that learn best while jumping around or moving, or kinesthetically. It would also be a great video for kids that need a little extra physical education.

I’ve done a lot of workout videos myself, and this DVD goes through all the different stages that should be present in a good workout: warm-up, the main exercise segment, and cooling down. It takes the kids through stretching… but instead of stretching like a regular exercise program, it teaches lines, circles, and other shape concepts. Kids learn things like place values and patterns while they exercise.

The video features kids of several ages. My daughter was a little upset that they didn’t have a girl that was her age in the video though. I think they could have had a couple of kids that were younger, along with the one adult. The math facts in this video are targeted towards the 2nd through 5th grade age group, but a couple of their kids looked older than that.

Unfortunately, our video had some technical difficulties. We were able to watch the video, but the sound cut out for some reason during the main exercise segments. That allowed us to watch the video, but without sound. I know that most DVDs are not like this, but it did cut down on my daughter’s enjoyment of this video. She is not really a kinesthetic learner, although she does like to color during our history lessons. She goes to gymnastics twice a week, so she really doesn’t need the exercise. I think my nephew would really like a video like this; he loves to move around.

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