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Posted by Lorren on November 17, 2009

I had the opportunity to try out the fine products at Virginia Soaps and Scents. They sent me a sample of their Fresh Orange; Oatmeal, Milk and Honey; and Coconut Lemongrass scents. They also sent a sample of their shampoo bar, and a small batch of their laundry detergent (I haven’t had the chance to try this yet, they send it to you as soap flakes and you have to make it over the stove, I haven’t done this yet).

Virginia Soap Samples

Their soap is great. These soaps are real soap, not detergent (which is what most soaps that you buy in the store are). After using these soaps, you will (literally) be squeaky clean. They smell great too. Not only do these soaps smell great, they made my whole bathroom smell great. I enjoyed all the soap scents, and they all did an excellent job of cleaning.

Shampoo Bar

The shampoo bar didn’t work well on me. I have very long, fine hair (I could donate to Locks of Love today and my hair could still reach to my shoulderblades). It was hard to work up a good lather with that much hair; to be fair, I use quite a bit of conventional shampoo as well. The shampoo made my hair feel clean; however, it felt like it was stripped of its oils at the same time. Even after I used conditioner, I didn’t like the way the shampoo bar made my hair feel the next day.

The shampoo bar did work well with my son, who has short, curly hair. I rubbed the shampoo bar over his head, lathered it up, and rinsed it off. He’s three, and it didn’t bother him. His hair felt fine afterwards. I think that the shampoo would work best with normal hair that is not hard to take care of. If you always have to use conditioner when you wash your hair (and 2 in 1 conditioner or the cheap stuff will not do) it may not work for you. I wouldn’t try it on my daughter’s hair; she has to use leave-in conditioner on her hair every time she brushes her hair, and the only conditioner that we have found that works costs $5 a bottle.

Why Should You Buy from Virginia Soaps and Scents?

I’m concerned with all the chemicals that I find in the products I buy. Just this January, I noticed some news articles about High Fructose Corn Syrup containing mercury. Aspartame caused memory loss for me, and of course, even though doctors deny it, there’s that potential connection between vaccines and autism. The problem with chemicals isn’t just limited to the products that we eat or put into our bloodstream, skin creams can be absorbed and the chemicals in them can cause problems too. So buying a soap product that is just soap, and not a lot of crazy chemicals that I can’t pronounce, makes a lot of sense.

Virginia Soaps and Scents is a family-owned company. In a day when nearly everything is made in China and you have no clue whether the person producing your products was working in a sweatshop (or even a prison), it’s good to be able to purchase a product made by good people, and to support workers in the United States.

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