Sunday, December 17, 2017

title pic Obama… Dictator?

Posted by Lorren on January 28, 2010

Obama by Pete Souza Official Government Photo Public Domain

Last night, President Barack Obama gave his State of the Union address. I didn’t watch it in it’s entirety, but from the little bit that I have seen, I found a couple of his comments interesting… it related to how he referred to the other two branches of government.

To the Supreme Court, he reprimanded them for making a ruling that basically gutted McCain-Feingold. In past elections, businesses (and I suppose, wealthy individuals) were prohibited from funding issue-based advertising during a political campaign. The Supreme Court ruled that by not allowing people and businesses to pay for their own political ads, they were limiting free speech. Obama chastised the Supreme Court (with the nine justices sitting right in front of him) during the speech.

He also took a dig at the legislature. Obama was upset that the senate blocked a bill that he wanted. No worries… Obama said that he’ll get around the blocked bill by issuing an executive order instead.

So what is the difference, I ask, between Obama and a dictator? If it doesn’t matter what the legislature says (he can issue an executive order to get around it), why do we even have a legislature? Perhaps the Supreme Court can declare executive orders unconstitutional (which they should be). I wonder how he would get around that.

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