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title pic 4th of July, Past, Present, Future

Posted by Lorren on July 4, 2010

Well, today is the fourth of July. I hope that it is a good one for you. It’s been okay so far… although I left my Bible at church and I wanted to type out some of the notes that I have in it, so we’ll have to go back and get it this afternoon.

Last year at this time, I was a short while into The Ultimate Road Trip. When I returned, I wrote about it and all of my adventures. The Fourth was an adventure for me.

Most of the day was fine. We went to Ocean Shores with my parents, met my brother there, the kids played, and all was well. We had pizza, and then my parents left to go take care of the dogs. Then me and my brother went to see fireworks.

Unfortunately, the tide came in while we were watching fireworks. I almost lost my car when it got stuck in the soft sand. We had to drive up near the dunes and park and wait. Finally we got out. I have since learned more about staying safe while driving at the ocean.

We’re having a barbecue today. But I wonder where we’ll be as a country on the next fourth.

Our country is not as recognizable as it once was. All people want is a handout. We don’t want to be responsible for ourselves. We forget the God who made our country great.

We need a miracle. Especially if we want to be a great nation again. Our enemies have infiltrated us. We’ve been through tough times before, but this time we have forgotten what has made us great.

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