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title pic Kollective Punishment Яeaches Ameяika

Posted by Lorren on July 16, 2010

Barack in the USSA mousepad
Barack in the USSA by ConservativeHaven

A couple of days ago, I listened to a call on the radio from a former Russian. He said that back in the Communist days, the country would practice collective punishment (along with collective wealth, of course). In his case, he was talking about military action. If one of the group showed cowardice, his country would execute everybody in the group, not just the soldier who exhibited cowardice.

According to, the United States recently shut down 73,000 blogs on Evidently, some of the sites that Blogetery had been hosting had been involved in illegal file sharing. Not all of the 73,000 blogs, just some. So the Federal Government decided to collectively punish all of the Blogetery bloggers because of the actions of some. Now, this isn’t execution, but it does have some similarities to what the Russian caller was describing.

Blogging isn’t just a way for some people to express their opinions. Blogging pays the bills for some. While I don’t make a great deal from blogging, I do have a nice small business going, and my profits increase every month. So far, it’s not going to pay the bills, but it did help me send my daughter to gymnastics summer camp this year. Many people make more than I do. By shutting down their means of making money, these bloggers are pretty much out of luck.

Is it wrong to give away copyrighted movies, music, and software? Of course. Should we punish everyone for the actions of some? No.

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