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title pic What Happens to the Useful Idiots?

Posted by Lorren on July 29, 2010

If you haven’t watched the video that I posted the other day containing the interview with the former KGB agent, I highly recommend it. It is 16 minutes long, but it will really show you where we are today and how fragile what we have currently is.

The question of the useful idiots is discussed in the interview, but I wanted to bring it up here.

First, what is a useful idiot? The term “useful idiot” was used in the old days of Soviet Russia. I hadn’t even heard of the term until the past year. It refers to people that support the cause of the Communist takeover, but aren’t in the power establishment.

People might choose to become useful idiots because they see the radicals winning, and figure that they better be on the winning side when the battle ends. They make this calculated move to further their own careers. For example, journalists, politicians, teachers, actors and directors tend to support the overhaul of America en masse. There are very few that stand with the Constitution and with the Founding Fathers.

So what happens to these useful idiots when Obama and his Weather Underground pals get their way and take over the country? Will they get the positions of power that they are hoping for?

Probably not, in many cases. It won’t be up to the masses to determine who gets the prime positions in this new society. It will be up to the people in power, like Bill Ayers, the Clintons, Obama, Al Gore, Van Jones, and the like. If you are not in with this group now, there is no assuming that you will have any part in leading the new Communist America. Dissent and complaining will not get you anywhere you want to be. It will get you into the modern-day gulag.

Years ago, my now-husband introduced me to the Dragonlance series of books. In the books, there is one recurring theme: “evil turns in upon itself”. Over the past several years, I have learned how true that theme is.

Think about drug dealers, the mafia, or gangsters. Do they peacefully interact? Or do they fight among each other, competing to see who will be top dog? Has one mafia member ever hurt or killed another in order to advance among the ranks? In my very backyard of Arizona, people end up kidnapped or killed because something goes wrong in their human trafficking operations. Heads literally roll through nightclubs right across the border because somebody is not happy with what is going on.

I know that I probably will end up in a death camp or something if/when this government takeover finally happens. I am way too stubborn. I can’t pledge allegiance to a godless government, nor can I renounce all that I believe in with all my heart. We already have people being denied degrees unless they renounce certain Christian principles, like the belief that homosexuality is wrong. I am thinking of one case in particular, but I think I also remember hearing of cases where scientists that didn’t believe in evolution were denied degrees (even if they were able to clearly articulate the theory… they not only had to know it, they had to believe it). I’m just going off the top of my head there.

The people that will survive will be the people that keep their head down and are willing to accept the new order. That’s not me. It also will probably not be most of the people that are supporting a Communist America, if they are expecting a reward for their efforts today.

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