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title pic A New Way to Make Money Online

Posted by Lorren on August 1, 2010

Dollar signs by svilen001

There’s a new way to make money online, called It’s an interesting site. You can get $1 for signing up, and you can get $1 if you invite a friend. Plus, you can earn money by blogging, having people look at the blog posts that you write, and visiting different areas of the site. They have a question of the day that they ask via a daily email; if you answer it, you can earn up to $15 a month just by doing that.

They have discussion boards, and they even have a conservative community on the site. You can earn money for any activity that you do there.

Is their business model feasible? I’m not sure. I know that sites like Associated Content, which I also write for, generally are going to make a profit off what they pay me. Redgage is another site that looks like it will generally make money from what you put into it. Maybe Sidetick is one of those sites that has a profitable business model, or maybe it’s one of those programs like the old pay to view sites where they would pay you money to have a toolbar set up on your computer. Either way, you can make money from it now. It’s pretty easy to earn just by talking to other people.

It’s free to set up, and they will pay you via PayPal. Why not take a look?

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