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title pic Jubilation as the War Begins

Posted by Lorren on January 16, 2013

Soldiers Headed Towards Camp Upton

While I was looking at Facebook this afternoon, I ran across a post that was quite chilling, called A Time to Kill. It was written by a soldier talking about impending war in the United States. I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about fighting lately. People are all concerned that the US government will come and take guns and trample on the Second Amendment. Some say that they won’t give up their guns even if someone comes to get them; others suggest simply saying “arrest me” when they come to the door (that’s going to let you keep your guns… they’ll just take the guns after they cart you away to jail, and you’ll never see them again). Whatever the case, our country is in a dangerous situation. I fear for my country. I do know that the Bible does not mention the United States in the prophetic books of Revelation, Daniel, and Ezekiel.

Seeing that post reminded me of something I read in The Century. The book talks about how people felt at the beginning of World War II. on page 56, you can see a crowd of excited, happy faces as they wait outside the British Army Recruiting Office. The picture above shows American soldiers headed towards Camp Upton. Everybody was excited about what was going to happen.

In the diary of Till Duriens, a German actress, she wrote about all of the “Crowds of people everywhere and soldiers marching out of the city…. no matter, we’ve got war!” Edward Francis, who was 18 when war broke out, signed up for the British Army. He said that “we couldn’t get to be a soldier quick enough.” At the time, people were excited for the upcoming war, which everybody thought would be short.

I’m feeling that kind of vibe in America today. Gun owners defiantly shouting “out of my cold dead hands” will their guns be taken away, while at the same time, President Obama makes speeches about how most of Americans agree with him that guns need to be severely restricted (with the mainstream media parroting the same). While it seems like the United States could be headed towards conflict, so many people aren’t looking at it with fear and trembling. Yes, I know that if we are followers of God, we have nothing to fear, because he will take care of us, but what people are talking about is very concerning.

We don’t need to be like the people who signed up for World War I. They were so excited for war, but war is not excitement. War is not something that we should wish for. It’s an awful experience. Once the people got to war, they found out the harsh reality, that war is hell.

People had the same experience at the beginning of the Civil War. For some of the first battles, women and children actually came out with picnic baskets to watch. That didn’t last long. Many people died from disease, other people ended up having their legs sawed off with only alcohol for anesthesia. The South was left in ruins.

If it does come to war, it’s not something to wish for. It will be awful.

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