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title pic Be Prepared: Bible Prophecy 7/29/14

Posted by Lorren on July 29, 2014

Stock Market Tumble by Marlon E

Today I was on Facebook, and a friend of mine posted about how things are so much better now that Obama has been president for a while. One of the statistics that they pointed out was the increase of the Dow. Of course, they neglected to compare the prices of things like gas and food, but that’s another story. I’m pretty sure that this particular friend is not saved, and it made me so sad, because she has no clue what’s about to happen. They are so unprepared for the calamity that is coming our way; there are many people like that. You can’t tell them what is going to happen either – they’ve heard doomsayers all before, and they don’t believe that it’s going to happen. Just because we have been okay so far, doesn’t mean that we will continue to be okay. The signs are all around us that something is coming. Please don’t be asleep.

Today, news continues to pour out of Israel. At least 160 children were killed digging the terror tunnels for Hamas. More people were killed, and the peace process is still not succeeding. There will be a peace deal at some point. When there is, watch out, especially if the peace deal is for seven years. The Bible predicted that it would happen in the Great Tribulation.

Other news:

  • Antisemitism is on the Rise: The People’s Resistance Committee, allies with Hamas, has threatened to chop off the heads of Jews that remain in “Palestine”. There’s that beheading thing again; the Bible says that people will be beheaded for the Lord’s sake in the last days. Some Jewish leaders now fear that a new holocaust is beginning. Antisemitic writing and posters were found in Rome’s Jewish quarter. There have also been antisemitic attacks in the UK and in France.
  • Crowdfunding May Be Used to Build the Third Temple – In the last days, the third temple has to be rebuilt, because the Bible says that the Antichrist will eventually put himself in the temple as being God. A new campaign on Indigogo is now trying to raise money to have it built. So far, they have raised more than $6,000 of their $100,000 goal.
  • Is there a Stock Market Bubble? – I mentioned earlier that my friend had pointed out that the Dow was so much higher than it was five years ago, and that is true; however, even USA Today is questioning whether or not their might be a stock market bubble, with a graph of the S&P 500 over the times where the internet bubble burst, the housing bubble burst, and today. Their conclusion was that there was not a bubble, that the Fed’s easy money policy was causing this rise in the stock market, and that the stock market was rightfully as high as it is. Sure… if you believe that, I have some wonderful ocean-front property right by my house that I’d like to sell you (I live in Arizona, BTW).
  • More Ebola news: Liberia is closing most of its borders based on fears of Ebola. It has also cancelled flights. The CDC is concerned that Ebola could “spread like a forest fire” although it doesn’t think that it will leave West Africa (pestilence is predicted for the Tribulation though). The problem is being made worse by the fact that villagers in infected villages don’t want doctors to come in and help them. This reminds me of the stories that you would hear from Medieval Europe, where people behaved irrationally during outbreaks of the Plague. Ebola is concerning to me. Most outbreaks come and go fairly quickly. This one has been dragging on for months, perhaps due to the fact that the death rate is lower in the current strain, which allows it to spread longer (the most deadly viruses die out before the infection can spread).
  • Other news: In Japan, a teenage girl strangled and decapitated her friend (days of Noah). Journalists are concerned that the surveillance state in the United States is hurting their ability to do their jobs. There were earthquakes in Mexico, Oklahoma, and New Guinea. Another massive hole was found at “the end of the world” in Siberia. North Carolina and Virginia are not going to uphold their gay marriage bans. China is once again cracking down on Christians.

If we are following the Lord, we don’t have to be afraid. Psalm 91:5-6 says that “thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.” That doesn’t mean that Christians won’t be affected by any of the disease or war that surrounds us, but we don’t have to be afraid. We have something better ahead of us to look forward to. The scary headlines surrounding us every day are simply signs to show us that we might not have much longer before these better things come to us.

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