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title pic Signs All Around Us: Bible Prophecy 7/27/2014

Posted by Lorren on July 27, 2014

Blood Red Water by Mark Barber

We are living in exciting (and alarming) times. It’s exciting to see all of the headlines and know that these are the times that the Bible was speaking of thousands of years ago! At the same time, it’s troubling. I was listening to the news, praying for strength to survive the upcoming days of trouble coming ahead. I was praying yesterday for an unsaved friend to see his miraculous power so that she could come to know the Truth about God and turn to him for salvation. Who knows how much time we have left? I’ve told the story before about how on January 29, 1995, my interest in Bible Prophecy was awakened at a Super Bowl party, of all places… even then, I could see the events lining up, but everything back then was taking place behind the scenes, it seemed. Today, Bible prophecy is right out in the open! Now is not the time to sit back and live like we have an entire lifetime ahead of us to serve God before we meet the Lord… we have so little time! If you have not turned to Jesus for salvation, please do so today. If you have, please do whatever you can to serve Him in these final remaining days.

ISIS is in Gaza – This headline is very disturbing. ISIS, the militant group that seemed to take over most of Iraq like Hitler’s Blitzkrieg, claims to be in Gaza. While disturbing, I am reminded that God has worked miracles in the past, and will do so again in the future. I’ve already written recently about how some of the terrorists are remarking that God seems to be changing the course of their bombs in midair. When God’s miracles are needed the most, that is when he shines the greatest.

ABC Family Show Tackling Late-Term Abortion – A long time ago, the Disney stamp of approval meant that you could trust your kids with it. That is certainly not the case any more. There have been several shows that I have told my kids that they are not able to watch. The latest Disney hubbub involves a show called the Fosters, which revolves around a biracial lesbian couple. In this latest story, one of the characters is pregnant and has developed pre-eclampsia, which can be a life-threatening condition. The character decides to abort the baby in order to save her life. Do we really want kids watching this? I don’t want mine watching this.

Judge Promotes Beheading as a Form of Execution – If you’ve been a Christian for a while, you may have read the passages of Revelation where the Bible talks about the people beheaded for Christ’s sake and thought that those passages were quite foreign… nobody beheaded people back in those days. Today, beheading is becoming more and more accepted as a form of execution. There have been several problems with lethal injections recently, and drug shortages haven’t helped. A judge with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has recently said that beheadings would be a “foolproof” method of executing, and that the US should also reconsider firing squads. Well, isn’t that convenient.

Waters Turn Blood Red in China – The Yangtze River in China has turned blood red, and scientists do not know what is causing it. This is just one of a string of blood-red rivers that have turned up in recent years (I should write an article on it if I get the time). This is going to happen on a massive scale during the Great Tribulation. Revelation 16:4 says that the third angel will pour his vials on the rivers and fountains of waters, and they will turn into blood. Are we being warned here?

So much more is happening. The Israeli war in Gaza continues, the US evacuated the embassy in Libya, Russia is accusing the US of conducting a “smear campaign”, a UK official wants to hold the 2018 World Cup somewhere outside of Russia because of the Ukrainian crisis (will there even be a 2018 World Cup?), US Border agents are warning of the violent MS-13 gang recruiting at immigrant stations in Arizona, volcanic eruptions occurred in Russia and Ecuador, the drought is causing rattlesnakes to appear closer to homes in California, ebola spread to Nigeria through a man that was flying on a plane, and marijuana is seen to be a cause for a recent increase in homeless people in Denver, Colorado.

Now is not the time to be fearful. None of these headlines are taking God by surprise. Now is the time to turn to him.

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