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title pic We Need an “Experimental” Class of Medications

Posted by Lorren on September 12, 2014

We should have an “experimental” class of medications, with less liability and cheaper costs to produce. It probably won’t happen though.

title pic Should Employees Be Forced to Give Their Money to the Poor?

Posted by Lorren on October 15, 2010

Should employees be forced to give away their hard-earned money to people who don’t have money to buy life-saving medication? Or should people be responsible for their own actions?

title pic US Recommends Limited Use of Life-Saving Drug

Posted by Lorren on August 16, 2010

An FDA panel took away a recommendation for a $8000/month drug to be used on breast cancer. Is this the start of death panels?

title pic Drug Use: Another Reason It Is Not A Victimless Crime

Posted by Lorren on April 16, 2008

Some people say that drug use is a victimless crime. If you don’t rob somebody, don’t spend your kid’s milk money on drugs, and don’t drive or perform surgery while on drugs, nobody gets hurt, right? Or so some people argue. Unfortunately, that is a little short sighted. And I’m not even thinking about the […]

title pic Drug Makers Take Infant Cold Medications Off The Shelves

Posted by Lorren on October 11, 2007

My son has had a cold for more than a week now. A couple nights ago, he woke up at 2 AM hacking and unable to sleep. We didn’t have any infant decongestant in the house, so my husband ran to Walgreen’s to get him some medicine so he could get back to sleep. Well, […]

title pic Adventures In History: 2 Kings 17 (part 4) – The End

Posted by Lorren on July 27, 2007

This is the final part to my 2 Kings 17 story. Here are the other parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 When we last left Israel and America, the people were worshiping idols and making God angry. There were some preachers out there warning them to repent, but most refused. They liked their idols […]

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