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title pic Another 9/11?: Bible Prophecy 9/3/14

Posted by Lorren on September 3, 2014

Bible prophecy for September 3rd, 2014.

title pic The Times They Are A-Changin’

Posted by Lorren on October 30, 2013

The times are changing. People can feel it. How so, I don’t know.

title pic Running Out of Steam

Posted by Lorren on August 20, 2013

Many of the “good kings” of Israel ran out of steam in their later life. Why is that? Perhaps they were just frustrated, the same way that many of us can get frustrated in life.

title pic Annoyances of Car Shopping

Posted by Lorren on July 19, 2013

Car shopping can be annoying. If you go to several dealerships, you can see that some of their tactics are shared.

title pic Make Your Bitcoins EMP-Proof

Posted by Lorren on April 18, 2013

You can protect your Bitcoins from an EMP attack, or from your online wallet site going down. Here’s how to backup your Bitcoin wallet, and even to protect your Bitcoins from an EMP attack.

title pic Earn Bitcoins

Posted by Lorren on April 6, 2013

Bitcoin is a new type of currency. While it is not without risks, it’s worth checking out.

title pic This Week Might be the End of the World as We Know It

Posted by Lorren on March 18, 2013

The world’s economies might begin their downward slide this week. Cyprus decided to confiscate people’s money, and other countries might follow their lead. European markets that are already open have already started to tumble. Will the NYSE go downhill this week as well?

title pic They Didn’t Know that They Were About to Lose Their Freedom

Posted by Lorren on January 14, 2013

Joseph didn’t know that he was about to lose his freedom when he woke up on the day that he was sold into slavery. The Egyptians didn’t know that they would be losing their freedoms when the famine began. Let’s not lose our freedoms when the hard times come in the future.

title pic The Welfare Cliff

Posted by Lorren on November 30, 2012

The “Welfare Cliff” makes it hard for people to accept raises at certain levels of their income. One way to fix this is to taper off benefits as soon as someone starts earning money.

title pic Cyber Monday Sale

Posted by Lorren on November 25, 2012

Zazzle is currently having a Cyber Monday Sale. Good through Monday night.

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