Monday, December 18, 2017


What happened to the America where even people typing out of their homes had to worry about legal disclaimers?

But just to let you know, I do receive free items on occasion in exchange for reviews.  I also will on occasion review items that I purchased myself.  If I was sent an item for free, I will usually say something like “I was sent ….”.

I do have an Associates account, and I make a small percentage of sales that I receive if you should be kind enough to make a purchase off of my web site.  I also am a Zazzle and Allposters affilliate, and make money there if you purchase items from them off my web site.  I reserve the right to add affiliate programs in the future.

While I currently do not have adSense code set up on the blog, there are adSense ads on the main site.  If you click on them, I make money.

While I try to be as honest as possible when I write something here, my opinion may be different than yours, or even different from most of the people in America.  You may not like the same products as I do, and you might even like products that I don’t.  That’s okay.  We’re free to like different things.