Sunday, December 17, 2017

title pic Signs All Around Us: Bible Prophecy 7/27/2014

Posted by Lorren on July 27, 2014

Blood red water, ISIS in Israel, late term abortions on television, a federal appeals court judge promotes beheading, and more signs show up in recent news.

title pic Bail Out The Abortion Industry?

Posted by Lorren on December 19, 2008

Saw this link today.  It turns out that our president-elect wants to bail out the abortion industry once he gets into office… While I disagree with it, one can argue that the banks might need a bailout. Perhaps the automobile companies… but abortion clinics? That just goes too far. Let them go bankrupt, for all […]

title pic Olympian Chooses Life Over A Medal

Posted by Lorren on August 23, 2008

I saw this a few minutes ago, thought it was very cool, so I thought I’d like to pass it on. Tasha Danvers, a hurdler for the British track and field team, was the sixth-fastest hurdler in the world right before the Athens games in 2004. Then she found out that she was pregnant. The […]

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