Monday, December 18, 2017

title pic Girly Learn to Tell Time Wall Clock

Posted by Lorren on October 18, 2012

This purple clock can help girls learn how to tell time.

title pic Keyboarding for the Christian School

Posted by Lorren on May 31, 2010

Keyboarding for the Christian School is a good book for teaching your child how to type, especially if you want to incorporate Christian principles in your typing class.

title pic Are You All About Reading?

Posted by Lorren on

All About Reading, What Am I? is an excellently illustrated book that will be great for early readers who have finished the Beehive Reader.

title pic Great Deal for Homeschoolers: Free History DVD

Posted by Lorren on April 30, 2010

Homeschoolers can receive a free “America: The Story of Us” DVD by heading over to the History Channel.

title pic Seasons of Faith Book Series is Great!

Posted by Lorren on April 21, 2010

The Seasons of Faith Series by CBH Ministries is an excellent book series. I highly recommend them.

title pic Language Smarts Works Kids’ Brains

Posted by Lorren on March 30, 2010

I was recently sent a copy of Language Smarts C for my daughter to look at and for me to review. It is sold by the Critical Thinking Company. My daughter finds this book challenging, and in a way, I think that’s a good thing. For example, in one of the excercises, my daughter has […]

title pic History Lessons and Real Life

Posted by Lorren on March 16, 2010

History has practical applications, which I was able to teach my daughter in a lesson on abolition.

title pic Tektoma is Fun, but Slightly Advanced

Posted by Lorren on March 9, 2010

Tektoma has video game tutorials for kids from age 7 to 17, but my daughter, being on the younger end of the recommended age range, found it to be a little difficult.

title pic Handel at the Court of Kings – Zeezok Publishing

Posted by Lorren on

My daughter likes the Zeezok Publishing books on musicians. They help her learn about music and history, and increase her reading skills.

title pic Beehive Reader: A Companion to All About Spelling

Posted by Lorren on February 12, 2010

The Beehive Reader is beautifully illustrated. While it is meant to correlate with All About Spelling, it may not integrate well with students whose spelling ability and reading skills do not align.

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