Monday, December 18, 2017

title pic The Price for a Christian’s Beliefs

Posted by Lorren on August 23, 2013

The New Mexico Supreme Court believes that the price of a Christian’s faith is compromise. While some people have paid the death penalty for their Christian beliefs before, compromise is not on the table.

title pic At the Right Time

Posted by Lorren on January 4, 2013

It may seem like the Lord is taking a long time to return, but he will come at just the right time. He won’t be early or late. He was on time to help Noah, confuse the people at Babel, and send the savior Jesus. He will arrive at the right time for us as well.

title pic Keep the Christ in Christmas

Posted by Lorren on November 25, 2012

Don’t forget to keep the Christ in Christmas this holiday season.

title pic Thankfulness Postcard

Posted by Lorren on November 18, 2012

What are you thankful for? This week, try to focus on the things that you are thankful for.

title pic How Closely Do You Follow Jesus?

Posted by Lorren on November 4, 2012

How close are you following Jesus? Hopefully closer than you follow the car in front of you while driving down the road.

title pic The Lord is My Shepherd Shirt

Posted by Lorren on October 28, 2012

This cute Lord is My Shepherd design is available in many cute styles, including stickers and postcards, which are great for Sunday School teachers.

title pic Obama is Not Jesus

Posted by Lorren on October 21, 2012

Obama is not Jesus; Jesus could build a cabinet.

title pic The Reason for the Upcoming Season

Posted by Lorren on October 7, 2012

Jesus is the reason for the upcoming Christmas holiday season.

title pic God Doesn’t Make Junk

Posted by Lorren on July 19, 2012

God sent His most valuable thing, Jesus, to die for everyone. That means that we are all valuable in his eyes. What does that mean for our relationship with others?

title pic Are Allah and the Christian God the Same?

Posted by Lorren on April 1, 2011

Are Allah and the Christian God the same?

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