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title pic Lord and Savior Barack Obama?

Posted by Lorren on November 27, 2012

More and more people seem to be proclaiming Barack Obama as god these days.

title pic The Black Education

Posted by TRAllen on November 12, 2012

“Please sir, may I have some more?” We just had another election in this country and I cannot, for the life of me, understand why the God-fearing, black population in America voted en masse to continue the policies that have done nothing, if not worsen their situation over the last four years. All around the […]

title pic What Really Matters

Posted by Lorren on November 8, 2012

What really matters is not the suffering that we will all go through for the next four years or more, but eternity.

title pic Not a Good Night, But God is Still Good

Posted by Lorren on November 7, 2012

Obama may have won the election, but God is still in control.

title pic We are Five Days Away From Fundamentally Transforming the USA

Posted by Lorren on November 1, 2012

We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America, no matter who is elected.

title pic Obama is Not Jesus

Posted by Lorren on October 21, 2012

Obama is not Jesus; Jesus could build a cabinet.

title pic I’m Building this Business

Posted by Lorren on October 11, 2012

The government didn’t build my business. A stable government is important, but it takes more than that to be successful.

title pic Mitt Romney’s Character

Posted by Lorren on October 10, 2012

Mitt Romney seems to have a lot better character than Obama.

title pic 4 Weeks Until the Election

Posted by Lorren on October 9, 2012

The election is 4 weeks away. Make sure that you get out and vote.

title pic Tonight’s Debate

Posted by Lorren on October 4, 2012

Mitt Romney seemed to have won the debate tonight. This Romney bumper sticker captures the spirit of the win.

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