Sunday, December 17, 2017

title pic Be Prepared: Bible Prophecy 7/29/14

Posted by Lorren on July 29, 2014

Today I was on Facebook, and a friend of mine posted about how things are so much better now that Obama has been president for a while. One of the statistics that they pointed out was the increase of the Dow. Of course, they neglected to compare the prices of things like gas and food, […]

title pic Is the Stock Market Going to Crash?

Posted by Lorren on April 25, 2011

QE2 is about ready to end. Is the stock market ready to crash?

title pic Bill O’Reilly’s Financial Advice

Posted by Lorren on October 10, 2008

The other day, some guy got on one of the morning talk shows and stated that if you needed any money for the next five years, you should get out of the market. That’s fairly sound financial advice for any time period. If you were going to ask… Dave Ramsey, as an example… he would […]

title pic The Incredible Shrinking Dow

Posted by Lorren on September 15, 2008

In case you haven’t seen the story today, the Dow dropped 500 points today.  It is now below 11,000. Not sure how this will end up settling out, but it’s a good time to perhaps stock up on food?  Maybe do some research on how to be frugal?  Of course, that is good advice to […]

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