Monday, December 18, 2017

title pic Back to What Matters

Posted by Lorren on July 16, 2014

Recent events have reminded me that I need to pay attention to the important things… like reminding people that the Lord’s return is imminent.

title pic Introducing T R Allen… My DH

Posted by Lorren on November 9, 2012

T R Allen is an Alliance Defending Freedom Blackstone Fellow who hopes to tackle the black education and change the culture, changing dependents into producers through education.

title pic Remember Things By Writing Them Down

Posted by Lorren on November 3, 2012

If you write down events from your life, you’ll be able to remember it better later on.

title pic Butterfly Coffee Mug

Posted by Lorren on October 24, 2012

I recently stumbled across a beautiful butterfly coffee mug while looking through the new Zazzle store that I am creating.

title pic The Last 11 Years

Posted by Lorren on May 26, 2012

September 11th has been on my mind lately. I think that I will end up writing my autobiography.

title pic You Never Know When a Page Will Become Trendy

Posted by Lorren on February 14, 2012

You never know when a topic will be trendy. Write on things that interest you, as well as current trends.

title pic Bad Grammar in Professional Settings

Posted by Lorren on May 8, 2011

It is very annoying when companies like CBS and AP can’t spell correctly on the information that they publish.

title pic Earning Money from Home

Posted by Lorren on April 6, 2011

Earning a living at home is a great blessing.

title pic Remembering the Basics…

Posted by Lorren on January 11, 2011

Success in the past does not guarantee success in the future, as I’ve seen with my Survivor Redemption Island page. Sometimes you need to get back to the basics to rank well with Google.

title pic Google Actually Recognizes My Name Now…

Posted by Lorren on December 30, 2010

Google no longer asks if you’re looking for an actress that’s not me when you search for my name.

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