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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Saturday, 30 January 2010 09:05

Glenn Beck hosted a show on January 29, 2010 about the history of the progressive movement.  These are just some of the concepts that were talked about on his show:


Progressives introduced prohibition because they thought they knew better than the people. In around 1920, people had had enough, and the Progressives went underground. Progressives move beyond the Constitution, and don’t like the idea of individual, God-given rights, or how the Constitution limited government.


Both Democrats and Republicans were Progressives. Both Republican Teddy Roosevelt and Democrat Woodrow Wilson were Progressives. Progressives believe that people can be perfected in this life, and as a result, don’t feel the need for checks on the government.

In around 1920, a fundamental change was made in America. Instead of studying the founders and the Constitution, Roscoe Pound, who was the dean of Harvard Law School, shifted the focus of law away from Constitutional law to a study of case law.


Walter Lippman was a co-founder of the Council of Foreign Relations. He helped change the focus of newspapers from reporting the news to teaching the people about what they should know (from a Progressive angle).


Progressives come in Republican and Democratic flavors. The Democrats use the UN to achieve their ends, while the Republicans tend to rely on the military to achieve its goals.


Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Sanger, who was big on eugenics. She was a racist, as was Woodrow Wilson. The military and civil service had been desegregated, but Wilson decided to resegregate them when he was in office.


Resources that you may be interested in:



This last book was written by the progressive Walter Lippman. Glenn Beck has referred to it in the past as being a very disturbing book.

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