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The Difference Between Radical Christians and Other Radicals PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brooke Lorren   
Friday, 26 March 2010 00:24

I was listening to Glenn Beck's Radio program (from yesterday) on my iPod earlier today, and he said that he didn't want people to say that they were his fans, because he felt as if the left would be gunning for him, and he wanted us to stay out of being a target.

That's okay. As Patrick Henry said, "give me liberty or give me death!"

However, there's a difference between radical Christians and other radicals, like the radical left and radical Moslems. I touched upon this in an article I wrote earlier today, Radical Christianity and the Obama Administration. Radical Christians are willing to let other people kill us for what is right, other radicals will kill others for what is right.

Christians being martyred in Rome

So let the left malign me. Let them take my possessions. Let them take my life, if necessary. Name calling will not deter me. If the left wants to send jack-booted thugs to my church and drag me outside and kick me in the ribs until I am a bloody pulp, that's okay (but I will warn you, I think there are some people in my church that are packing, so you might want to be careful). Better yet, since you might not be able to drag me out of church, grab me when I'm at the supermarket and beat me to a pulp there. I don't care. Don’t come to my house, I might mistake you for a robber and try to defend myself.

Andy Stern may think that he can use the "persuasion of power" to deter us. He thinks that he can bully us into abandoning free market principals. Into acquiescing into a state where the State takes the place of god and God is forced out of our lives. That's not going to happen. I'm not a military veteran because I wanted the benefits of a college education (although that was nice). I joined the military... I was willing to give up my life for the United States... because I remember that the US was willing to go in and fight the bad guys like Hitler. As an officer, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution... I never took an oath to obey the president, or even to support a corrupt government. I still believe in the Constitution, no matter what I think of the people in power.

Now, the Bible says that Christians are to follow authority. We are to bless and pray for those that persecute us. So you know what? You may try to bait us into committing violent acts, but that won't work. Jesus is our example. Jesus didn't go kicking and screaming to the cross, he willingly went. He could have fought back, smiting all of the Roman soldiers in the entire country with bolts of lightning, but he didn't. In fact, he asked the Lord to forgive the people, while they were killing him.

I'm not begging for the leftist government to come and beat me to a pulp... but at the same time, I will not be bullied into being silent, or to agreeing with the government's principals. Name calling doesn't work. While the leftist, ex-hippy types may be the ones in power, while the Tea Party members are protesting, there is a big difference between us and the hippies. This isn’t the 60s. We are not advocating “free love” or drug abuse or all of the immoral things that they stood for 50 years ago. WE ARE NOT THEM. Being called names doesn't provoke us into throwing bombs. You have to do better than that.

Many of us love the God of the Bible. He was the inspiration for Martin Luther King Jr. King didn't lash out in violence. Jesus didn't lash out in violence. Neither will we.

Romans 12:14: “Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.”

The left may think that persecuting Christians will make them cave into willingly following them into a godless, communist society, but it will NOT work. There have been too many Christians over the past two millennia who have been willing to burn at the stake for their principals. God is on OUR side. Things may look dark for us now, but with him on our side, we will eventually win. So Glenn Beck, as long as you stand on the side of freedom… of fearing God… of moral principals… I’ll stand by you. If you sell out, are bribed into kowtowing, or are corrupted, I will not. But I will not be scared off because a few people are trying to bully you. I have an eternal soul that cannot ever be lost. I am a child of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I guess that makes me a princess, although I am not a princess in this world, but in the spiritual world to come. Like a preacher said once when he was being mugged at gunpoint once “you can’t threaten me with heaven”.

There are many places on the planet where people are not free to be Christians. I don’t want the United States to become one of them.