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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Thursday, 01 April 2010 04:21
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Squidoo is another place that allows you to write and get paid. You can also choose to give directly to charity. Instead of writing articles, you create “lenses”, which are a lot like web pages. They are fairly easy to set up, but they do take some work if you want to provide quality content. You can get paid at Squidoo in a couple of ways. You get paid for sales that are made on Amazon.com and Ebay modules that you set up; this can provide an unlimited amount of income if you can convince people to click on the link and buy your product. You can also get paid by creating lenses that are in the top tiers. There are currently three paying tiers; the first tier pays a little over $10, the second tier pays a couple dollars, and the third tier pays a few cents. Every one of your lenses will be ranked, and will earn in one of these tiers.




Helium is a company that allows you to write articles and get paid for them. Unlike Associated Content, the article titles are already chosen for you. You (and perhaps several other people) will write the same titles, and people rate the articles to determine which article is the best. This is where they get the name helium… the best material rises to the top. As you write for Helium, you earn writing stars. These writing stars allow you to earn money by writing articles with “empty titles”, or those that have less than three articles already written on the topic. They also have contests, and you can write for the Helium marketplace, which offers a fixed amount of money. The down side to Helium is, if you haven’t rated at least 10 articles in the last 30 days (or 30 articles in the last 90 days) you won’t get paid. So you have to at least stay semi-active to earn.




EHow is a web site where you write a how-to article about a subject. We all know how to do something, whether it is tying a tie or driving a stickshift. Whatever your expertise, you can write how-to articles and make money. The formula they use for earnings is secret, but it is related to the money that EHow makes off of adSense. They seem to have a few technical issues though.




Xomba is a web site that not only pays you money, but helps you direct traffic to all the above sources (and as a result, make more money over at other places as well). You can write your own articles, or you can link to other articles that you find interesting (each link must include a description of 50 words or more). You can link to your own articles. You are paid through your adSense account. 50% of the adSense impressions will go to your account. You can also refer your friends and earn 10% of their ad impressions (the person you refer will still earn 50%, Xomba then earns the other 40%). Xomba seems a little spammy (they have some of the “you are the 100,000th visitor” type ads on their site), but they are not the people that are responsible for paying me (Google is), and I have earned money there.


She Told Me


She Told Me is a web site that looks a lot like Xomba, but it seems a little less spammy. You get 100% of the ad impressions from this site. Unlike Xomba, you only post bookmarks to sites you like (called scoops on their site). You have to write a summary of 200 characters or more on the scoops that you submit.




This is a cute site.  I think that it's fairly new too, so if you join Infopirate, it looks like you'll get in on the ground floor.  It's a lot like She Told Me and Xomba, except it has a pirate theme.  When I logged in (at about 2 AM my time, I work a lot at night), there were only two visitors and about 13 guests.  I've recently started to see links pop up to this site, so if you want to maximize the exposure of articles you write, you might want to submit your info here.

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