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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Thursday, 01 April 2010 04:21
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You Say Too


If you have a blog (or two) that you write to earn money, there’s really no reason not to sign up for You Say Too. Once you sign up for You Say Too, your blog posts will automatically syndicate to their site, and you receive a percentage of the adSense impressions that you generate. This will increase your readership, although they might not all go to your site (but you’re still getting money from adSense). The only problem that I had with You Say Too was signing up. I inputted my blogs, but I was getting an error message that my RSS feed wasn’t set to full. I didn’t even know what that meant. It turns out that there was a problem with my Wordpress code (I’m using version 2.9.2). If you sign up and have that problem, there are a few lines of code that you need to replace in your wp-includes/wp-rss2.php file. There is a great article on how to replace these lines of code to enable full RSS feeds. I literally spent hours trying to figure out how to resolve the problem; if you have difficulty, you should be able to fix the problem in mere minutes, as long as you have a little technical know-how.




I have had an account on Epinions.com for nearly 10 years now (I signed up in August 2000). They used to be independent; they are now owned by Shopping.com. They have different promotions from time to time to encourage people to write for the site. You earn a “royalty share”, but I’m not sure what this really means. I have earned about $600 from the site over the years; it doesn’t seem to be the most lucrative place to write, but it still pays. If you write product reviews, you can post them here, or you can post them elsewhere, give it a rewrite (you don’t want to produce duplicate content) and post it up here.


With all these opportunities to write on the Internet, the only thing that should really keep you from posting content is time and writer’s block. I must also comment that the more work you put into writing, the more you will get paid. The amount that you get paid will start off small, but if you keep writing material, you will learn new things, and your earnings will grow. While I don’t earn enough money yet as a freelance writer to quit my part-time job (my full time job is unpaid; I’m a homeschool teacher), I do earn enough to buy nice things every month, and I almost earn enough to pay for my daughter’s gymnastics bill. Most of my earnings every month are not related to the work that I did in the previous month, either, so I will continue to get paid a decent amount, even if I don’t continue to put a great deal of work into my writing business.


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