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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Thursday, 01 April 2010 04:21
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How to Make Money Writing on the Internet
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In a tough economy, many people are out of work, underemployed, or are just looking for an additional way to bring in a little bit of extra cash. Fortunately, if you like to write, there has never been a better time to make a little bit of spare income.

I’m not going to lie to you. Making money by writing on the internet takes work. It doesn’t pay a great deal to start. However, it does pay. Often, the money comes in slowly at first. However, because your content stays on the internet, you’ll continue to get paid for it, year after year.


While there are plenty of opportunities that exist, I am only going to write about programs that I have personal experience using. It is also not a good idea to write exclusively for one site. They may go out of business, and then you have to start all over again. In most cases, you retain the rights to your own work; if that’s the case, you may want to save a copy on your own computer. I don’t really recommend reposting the same article more than once, but if a site goes down, you could then repost it elsewhere. Also, it can give you ideas for future articles.


Be Your Own Blogger


You may want to try to make money on the internet by being your own blogger. It’s relatively simple to set up a blog. I recommend that you buy your own web site and host it yourself. The cost of hosting your own domain has gone down in recent years; however, if you don’t have any experience with blogging or writing articles, you may wish to start by doing something else.


moneyMaking money on your own web site isn’t just limited to blogging. At Brookelorren.com, I have a Joomla site as well as a wordpress blog. Most people know Wordpress. To use it, you will have to install it, or have your hosting company install it for you; many hosting companies have a program called SimpleScripts that will put it up for you. You may have to learn how to install different themes, but Wordpress has made it fairly simple nowadays. Joomla is a program that I use to write longer articles that offer more evergreen content. Joomla allows me to categorize my articles so that people can read them later. There is a slight learning curve to it; if you are a technical novice, you may want to have a friend help you. Many hosting companies are able to install it for you.


As your own blogger, you can get paid in several different ways. You can post your favorite products and add Amazon.com links to them; you’ll have to sign up for an Associates ID. You can also sign up for Google AdSense. When people click on the links to the products they are interested in, you get paid.


Associated Content


Associated Content was the first company that I started writing articles for. You get paid for page views; the first pay level starts at $1.50 per 1000 page views. These pay levels are called “clout” and range from one to ten. At clout ten, you get the maximum pay rate of $2.00 per 1000 views. That may not seem like a lot, but as you get more content published, it’s easy to get more page views. One of my articles has over 46,000 views, which means that I’ve earned more than $70 for what amounted to about an hour of work. I wrote that article over a year ago, and this month alone, I have earned $9.08 for it. You can also get paid for articles, but they have increasingly become more picky about what they pay for, and they don’t pay what they used to per article.


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