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Written by Ryan Coisson   
Friday, 02 July 2010 00:50

By Ryan Coisson

Others know what we have forgotten, this country is unique in all the world. No other people anywhere enjoy the freedoms that we do. The freedom to get ahead in life. Be more, make more and have more than our parents did, and not just monetarily, but in all ways, more education, more opportunities, more adventures. We have the power to become anything we want to be, but the drive has to come from within, not given from a government social programs.


Our country is built on the shoulders of men and women who understood the cost of freedom, who understood the right to bear arms, gather peacefully, address the government for redress, worship who, what and where they please. Our country was founded on basic decency, morality, honesty, integrity, and the satisfaction of a job well done. If we keep these fundamental values in place we have a bright and shining future, if we don't, we will fall like every great civilization before us, when a society becomes too wealthy, moral decline ensues and thereafter comes the fall of that civilization. It is a cycle as sure as the cycle of the moon.


As citizens we need to fly our nations colors with pride and respect. Our government's flags needs to fly with patriotism and a renewal of appreciation for this great country that we are privileged to live in. Other countries understand the great freedoms we so take for granted and that is why we have the immigration problems that we do. If our country is so terrible why are they risking live and limb to be here? Because it is a wonderful land of opportunities and freedoms, and it isn't so terrible, lets keep it that way.


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