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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Saturday, 03 November 2012 07:59

A Contemporary E-Book Thriller

Wrath and Righteousness, the ten-part e-book series by Chris Stewart, is one of the three contemporary thriller series that I'm in the middle of reading right now. If you're the kind of person that likes to read thrillers that feel like they've been ripped out of the headlines, then this is a book series that you should read.

The first book in this series was released on May 8th, 2012, and the final book is scheduled to be released on May 21, 2013; so unlike some of the contemporary thriller series that I'm reading right now, you'll be able to finish this book series in a year. The upcoming schedule is as follows:

  • Episode 6 comes out December 4th
  • Episode 7 will be out January 15th
  • Episode 8 comes out on February 26th
  • Episode 9 will be available April 9th
  • Episode 10 will be released on May 21st

The first book in the series is a little slow, but the series picks up quite a bit after that. In my review of this series, I will try not to reveal too many spoilers, but if you aren't interested in what is coming up next, then try not to read the reviews from books much farther on than the last one you read.

These books have a spiritual tone to them, but they are not preachy. In this series, we are able to peer into the world of angels and demons (mostly demons) and see the principalities and powers that we battle (but do not see) on a daily basis.

Episode 1

Wrath & Righteousness: Episode 1 seems to start out a little slow.  The book begins at some point in the future.  In a way, the world seems to have been blasted back into the 1800s: there are horse-drawn carriages, and Washington DC has dramatically changed.  We aren't given too much explanation about what is going on in this time frame though.

We are then taken back to 18 years earlier.  The rest of this episode sets up a lot of the series.  There's a Middle Eastern prince who isn't the firstborn, but has a thirst for power, and he's willing to hurt others to get what he wants.  There are young children that are born: Ammon, Luke, and Azedah.  The episode quickly goes through the years to bring us back to shortly before the world was blasted back to the 1800s, when those children are grown up, and it seems a lot like today.

Although the book seems a lot like today, we're also introduced to some characters that many Christians believe exist, but most of us never see: the angels and demons.  Lucifer, of course, is the guy running the show.  He orders his minions around.  Sometimes his demonic assistants succeed, other times they do not.

While reading this episode, I would really get into one part of the story, wanting to know what would happen next, but there are so many different characters in this book, living in different parts of the world, that almost at the moment that I was really getting excited about a certain part, they would switch to someone else.

Of course, the book ends in a cliffhanger.  Somebody is in danger.  Good thing there is...

Darkness of this World: Episode 2

As episode 2 begins, the world is still as recognizable as the one we live in today.  The power-hungry prince is still scheming, patiently waiting for the day that he can make his move.  He has a little help from a friend that seems to have demonic powers, and may even be Lucifer himself (the Bible says that he has the ability to transform himself).  The prince's brother senses that he's in danger, and makes preparations to protect his family.

We see more of two of the brothers, Luke and Ammon.  The demons know that these two people may play a part in this spiritual battle, and they are doing what they can to whisper suggestions into their ears, making them behave in sinful, prideful ways.  Fortunately, these boys also have a glimmer of supernatural help of their own, although they do not know it.

On the other side of the world, the younger prince is moving.  He begins his attack to wipe out his family members that have a higher precedence on the throne than he.  Fortunately, he doesn't exactly get everybody, but the people that he doesn't get are forced into hiding.  As the prince searches for his hiding relatives, Azedah is forced into exile.  Prior to having to leave her home, she meets the Sam, the brother of Luke and Ammon, and an up-and-coming soldier in the military; he tells her to go to a specific refugee camp: he intends to rescue her.

At the end of this episode, we discover that the prince has bigger plans than just to rule a kingdom.  He wants to destroy the United States itself.

Son of the Morning: Episode 3

One of the primary plot lines of Episode 3 is Azedah's escape into the refugee camp, and what happens there.  She is all alone in the world, and in the Middle East, it is very dangerous for a young lady to be all by herself.  On top of that, it is cold, because the winter is setting in.

Luke is faced with temptation in the form of a girl.  His dad is a big-shot general, and the girl's father has quite a bit of money.  While he enjoys being with her, she isn't exactly the best influence.  If our heroes are going to be on the side of good, they'll need to keep themselves prepared for the dangers to come.

Sam's military career is going well; in fact, he is about to be promoted.  The job that he will be asked to do will involve more danger, but it is one of the very elite jobs of the military.

Azedah does make it to the refugee camp, but even there, she is not fully safe.  She does not have the rights that you and I expect to have; even at the UN camp, if someone arrives with proof that she is a relative, the UN has to release her to that person, even if she does not want to go.  After Azedah befriends an old, sickly woman, someone does come and try to claim her, and she has to leave her friend; all is not lost though.

The power-hungry Middle Eastern prince is now the king.  The new king knows that his older brother has a surviving son, but he doesn't know where he is.  Although he tries to find him, he is unsuccessful.

Breathless: Episode 4

When episode 4 begins, the world is still recognizable.  Although the Middle Eastern King killed his own family members, the press doesn't really know about what happened.  At the end of this episode, the world really will change.  If this story became reality, it would change the way we live more than September 11th even did.

Azedah is safe and has been rescued by Sam; she is sent off to a new life in the United States (but I'm sure that this will not be the last that we hear from her).

The Middle Eastern King makes his move.  He has a whole team of terrorists to do his bidding, and his plans were ingenious.  Terrorists are very patient, and there are many that are willing to give their lives for the cause.  In this episode, many of the evil men of this world gather together to begin to put their plot into motion.  Not only is the king patient, he covers his tracks very well.  Not only does he cover his tracks so that he looks innocent, he makes Israel and the United States look like bad guys in the process.

Something extremely horrible happens in this episode, and Luke and Ammon do escape the danger, but are left wondering what they will end up doing next.  Meanwhile, Sam, in his elite position in the military, wants to have revenge.  But to find out what happens, you'll have to wait until...

The Master's Cry: Episode 5

This next installment of Wrath & Righteousness is available right now.  I haven't had the chance to read it yet.  I was tempted to buy it today, but I know that it'll be going on sale soon on Amazon.com.  When these books first come out, Amazon charges $5.99 for them.  Currently, the price on the other books has been dropped to $2.99 or less (that is subject to change).  $5.99, in my opinion, is a lot to pay for an eBook that is about 2/3 the length of a regular book... even very good eBooks like these are.

I did end up paying $5.09 for the last one, because I had been waiting a few weeks and the price wasn't dropping.  Once it did drop a little bit, I bought it.

If You Don't Want to Wait

If you don't want to wait to find out what happens in this series, then you can actually read the entire series... kind of.  These books are an update to Chris Stewart's Great and Terrible series that came out starting in 2003.  The books are not quite the same, but they deal with the same characters and go through similar struggles.  There are only 6 books in the Great and Terrible series, and each book is novel length.  I have not read these books, but it would be interesting to see the differences between the two.

This series is available in paperback, and you can buy the whole series new in paperback at Amazon.com for $49.99.  The original hardback series is selling used on Amazon for $89.99 (of course, price is subject to change, and availability of the used hardbacks could change as well).  If you don't have a Kindle or an iPad, and you don't exactly want to sit at your computer to read these books, that might be your best option (while I have read a couple of books on my computer, I personally don't like it that much).

If you want to read ahead, and don't mind reading the old series, then you can get the entire series on the Kindle for $28.49 at the moment.  That would probably be about the same price that you'd end up paying if you bought the entire series of the new version of the book when they've gone on sale; it's less expensive if you end up paying $5 or $6 for each episode.  Plus, if you're impatient, this is a good way to read on ahead to find out what goes on next.

These Books are Great

If you're looking for an exciting book series to read, then this has got to be one of my favorites. Out of the three series of books that I'm currently reading, I think that I like this series second to Joel C. Rosenberg's Twelfth Imam Series.  That's an excellent read as well... however, since those books only come out about once a year, I'm still waiting on that one.  These books are coming out a lot more quickly.  I definitely recommend them.

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