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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Saturday, 10 November 2012 04:08

The new cover of Newsweek shows Obama as a conquering hero, wearing Napoleon's (or is it George Washington's?) coat with a sword and the title "The Obama Conquest".  Despite only winning about 51% of the popular vote, people are seemingly ready to hail the re-elected president as the messiah again.  The president can seem to do no wrong with his voters, even after ordering the ambassador and three former Navy Seals to not receive any help, thus leaving them to die.  As I wrote in 2009 in an article called The Bible, Obama, and Messiah Worship, it's a very bad idea to let other people think that you are the messiah.  On the other hand, it is a very bad idea for people to worship a leader, any leader, as god (except for the real Jesus, but he's not here on earth right now).  Covers like this almost seem to depict the president as god, but here's a warning: if you worship him as god, you're going to get what you deserve.

It doesn't work well when you worship a leader as god.  Just ask the people of North Korea.  Oh, wait, you can't, because they're not allowed to have contact with the outside world.  Ask the people who lived under Stalin, or Hitler, or Mussolini.  Most of them are dead, but if you could ask them, most wouldn't say that it turned out well.  You could always read history to see what happened.  Two of my favorite books on the subject are Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy and In the Garden of Beasts.

Today is the 74th anniversary of Kristallnacht.  I suppose that today would be a fitting day for this anniversary.  In Europe, the date is written 9/11/12.  Kristallnacht was when a charismatic leader (Hitler) decided to make a move against the Jews, after one Jew decided to shoot a German Embassy official in Paris.  Businesses were broken into, synagogues were destroyed, and Jews were beaten.  That is what happens when a charismatic leader seems to bewitch a nation.  Although, the charismatic leader didn't really go against his supporters at first.  As long as they were Nordic and not disabled, and did what they were told to do (include breed when told to breed, or kill when told to kill) they were okay.  Their consciences might have suffered, but they survived, if they weren't killed in World War II.  Of course you can't really say the same thing about the early communist leaders.  All of them were killed, except for Trotsky, who was out of the country, and Stalin, who later took over for Lenin.

Trouble in Israel

Israel is God's chosen people.  God promised that he would bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel (Genesis 12:3).  Right now, there is trouble in Israel.  The former Prime Minister of the country, Ehud Omert, says that they are running out of time to come up with a peace agreement in the region.  Meanwhile, the president of Sudan has proclaimed Israel as "enemy number one".  There is a war, described in Ezekiel 38 and 39, where most of the nations of the world will go against Israel.  This is NOT Armageddon - that will come at the end of the Great Tribulation, and is described in the book of Revelation.  There is a possibility that that war could be a component of World War III.  I don't think that the upcoming war will be limited to just the Israel component, because there are so many other problems in the world, but a war against Israel will happen at some point in the future, and God will intervene mightily.

Meanwhile, Israel is warning Syria that they need to keep their war out of Israeli territory.  That's not going to happen, at least not on a permanent basis.  Eventually, Syria is going to be destroyed in a miraculous way too.  The destruction of Syria is described in Amos 1:3-4.

Iran is Not Going Away

The United States has kicked the Iran can down the road for quite a while at this point, and chances are, it won't be able to for much longer.  Israeli President Shimon Perez called on Obama and Putin to help contain Iran's nuclear threat.  He might want them to, but I doubt that it's going to happen.  Meanwhile, Iran plans on holding massive defense drills this weekend.

In a way, there is a covert kind of war with Iran already going on.  There are sanctions against the country, there have been cyber attacks, and of course, the US recently had a drone shot down in that country.  More than likely, it will erupt at some point, but for today at least, it's not an overt war; but they're not going away.

More Headlines

So much is going on these days.  In the days after the September 11th attacks of 2001, it seemed like prophecy was flying into fulfillment.  Then we had a decade where some people actually lived fairly prosperously, and it seemed like God was taking things slow again.  Now, with half of the people voting against Biblical principals, and another large portion of people treating Obama almost like he's a conquering god, it seems like things are speeding up again.  I don't really think that we're going to see it slow down very much from here.

My best estimate of what we're going to see in the coming days is 1) World War III is going to break out; at some point in the war, many of the nations of the world are going to attack Israel, and God is going to miraculously save them; 2) the rapture of the church is going to happen; 3) the people left behind are going to go through the Great Tribulation.  Don't be left behind.  Make sure that you've received the Lord's forgiveness of sins, and have repented.  It doesn't matter who you voted for, God wants you to turn to him.  The Way of the Master has an excellent quiz to see if you are ready for these upcoming prophetic times.

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