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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Wednesday, 21 November 2012 08:05

This will be the last edition of News and Bible Prophecy until at least after the Thanksgiving holiday.  I will be lucky if I keep up with the news, let alone write about it.  I hope that you have a good Thanksgiving.  The way that things are going, it could be the last one before we meet Jesus in the air.

Israeli War Heats Up More

War in Israel is not winding down.  Benjamin Netanyahu says that Israel will do whatever it takes to defend itself.  Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has come to the region to try to help.  Things don't look like they will be ending soon.  A Hamas leader, when asked about when a potential truce could be reached, said "maybe never".  At least he's honest.  They also proclaimed that "we love death more than you love life."

Today, a few particularly brutal incidents occurred.  In one incident, six suspected Israeli spies were pulled out of vans in the middle of an intersection and were shot.  The mob around them shot and spit on them.  Hamas tied another person to a motorcycle and drug them to their death.

The US Navy has sent ships to the Mediterranean to evacuate any personnel, just in case things get too heated.  At the moment, commercial flights were still available, but the US will be able to evacuate citizens if they don't plan ahead and get caught there longer than they would like.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Prime Minister called Israel a "terrorist state".  The US, who surprisingly have been supporting Israel's right to defend themself, will not condemn Turkey's statement.

US Treasury Secretary Wants to Raise Debt Limit to Infinity

The US is weighted down with massive amounts of debt.  Every so often, they hit what is known as the "debt ceiling" and congress has to authorize the US to go further into debt.  Sometimes they are able to use this time as a way to trim the budget a little bit.  The US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wants that limit raised to infinity.  Who thinks that's a good idea?  Not me.  I've read enough about the Weimar Republic to see where that leads.  We technically have much more debt than Weimar Germany did before they started having problems, but so far we haven't seen Weimar-like effects.  Raise the debt ceiling to infinity, and we might see that sooner rather than later.

Irish Vote to Have Kids and the State Have Control Over Parents

Last week, the Irish voted to have children get the final say in what goes on in their house.  This vote was supposed to be "for the children" but it will eventually end up hurting them.  Some of the devastating results of the election could be: children being put up for adoption without the consent of the parents; children being taken to other countries to have abortions, even against the will of them or their parents; forced vaccinations; and birth control being administered at any age.

Other Headlines:

  • Four men were arrested in Southern California for plotting terrorism.  They planned on conducting "violent jihad" by joining up with Al-Qaeda and through other means.
  • Washington State was hit with torrential rain.  Washington is used to dealing with a lot of rain, but this storm dumped more rain than even they are used to getting.
  • Government recommends AIDS tests for everyone ages 15 to 64.  Of course, Obamacare will pay for that, but it will cause health care costs to rise for everyone, even those that decline the test.  Although eventually, you might not even have the option of declining the test.
  • Hobby Lobby Obamacare lawsuit declined.  Hobby Lobby, a Christian organization that closes on Sunday like Chick-Fil-A, doesn't want to provide immoral health care treatments like abortion or the morning after pill as part of it's health care policy.  They sued to not have to change their policy, but the government has denied them, a defeat for Christian business owners everywhere.  They will appeal.  Meanwhile, they have two choices in order to stay within their moral beliefs.  They can drop health care for everyone and pay a fine of $26 million per year, or they can continue to provide the health care that they are providing, and pay a bigger fine of $474.5 million per year.  Why it costs 18 times more to provide health care is beyond me.