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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Thursday, 14 February 2013 07:46
She Annoys Me Greatly

An animal found on Survivor Philippines.Survivor began its twenty-sixth season this year with its new season: Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites 2.  It was filmed back-to-back in the summer of 2012 along with the previous season, Survivor Philippines.  The season features ten players from former seasons (Survivor Philippines, South Pacific, Nicaragua, Fans vs. Favorites, Redemption Island, and Gabon).  Often in seasons like this, the former players have a huge advantage over the new players, and there seems to be unfairness in the game.  Still, it's Survivor, and anything can happen.

As soon as the fans stepped off of their boat and the favorites got out of their helicopters, Jeff had a challenge for them.  In this challenge, each tribe would send two players at a time to try to retrieve a life ring in the water and touch their "base" while holding on to the ring.  The other team would try to prevent them from getting the ring to their base, and would try to get the ring to their base instead.  As the game began, the fans took an early lead, thanks to a large former Marine named Shamar.  Phillip Shepherd, famous for appearing to be off his rocker in Redemption Island, wore a brand new pair of bright pink underwear for the occasion.  The rest of the points went to the favorites.  The game was aggressive.  In the third round, the game took a slightly ugly turn when Shamar shouted out "break her wrist!"  Jeff's response was "what?!?," which quickly caused Shamar to backtrack from his stance on trying to injure a teammate; he said that it was an expression.  The favorites, who were wearing purple and were part of the Bikal tribe, won flint and 20 pounds of beans for their early lead.

At Camp, at Last

The fans, wearing orange and being dubbed the Gota tribe, arrived at camp to find rice and a machete waiting for them.  They decided to try to get fire made first.  Many of them felt like they were about to be dehydrated, and boiling water is the only way to make the water safe.  Matt, with a long beard, thought that he should get started on the shelter first (how many people does it take to make a fire anyway?).  Shamar wasn't really happy with this, and they got into a small spat.

After the tribe had tried for a while, Shamar, who is a former Marine, was able to come up with a plan that actually made a fire.  This is often not done on the first day.  After the fire was made, Shamar and Matt were able to make up, and they managed to get a fire and the start of a shelter on the first day.  They weren't sleeping on the ground, at the very least.

A few of the players decided to become a couple of couples.  Eddie and Hope hit it off, as well as Reynold and Allie.  Reynold and Allie, in particular, were getting a little snuggly at night.  While the four of them saw themselves as the "cool kids" that everybody else wanted to be a part of, other people were noticing how close Reynold and Allie were.  In Survivor, just because you proclaim yourself to be cool at the start, doesn't mean that you are.

Over at the Bikal tribe, Francesca tried to be friendly with Phillip, but he still found her to be annoying.  Phillip decided that he wanted to play the game "Boston Rob" style.  He went around trying to assign people to his alliance.  Erik wasn't exactly thrilled with Phillip's style of play, especially considering that Phillip almost threatened him to be part of his alliance or else.  Cochran, who was the egghead in Survivor South Pacific, was getting along with the players a lot more than he had in his previous season, but he did have the misfortune of getting sunburned literally from head to toe.  Good thing that he tends to cover up by almost always wearing a shirt, because otherwise, he would have been burned a lot worse.

The Immunity Challenge

As the players marched in for the immunity challenge, Jeff remarked almost immediately on Cochran's sunburn.  It was just about the worst burn that he had seen in the game.

For the challenge, the players would run in pairs up a bamboo structure with four stories.  Each pair would have to climb up higher than the pair before them.  When they arrived at their floor, they would throw down boxes with sandbags in them.  The final pair wouldn't throw down any boxes; they would throw the sandbags into a box with six slots for six different sandbags.  The first team to get a sandbag in each slot would win immunity.

At first, the two tribes ran a very close race.  During the final run up to the fourth floor, the favorites started to pull ahead; this is what often happens when more experienced players go up against new players.  Malcolm, who showed himself to be an incredible athlete in Survivor Philippines, started throwing sandbags, and it looked like the favorites were going to win.  After Malcolm had thrown sandbags into three of the slots, Reynold started throwing for the fans.  Either he was extremely lucky or he was a very skilled thrower, because he quickly started landing sandbags into slots, passed Malcolm, and won immunity for the fans.

While these seasons often turn out disastrous for the fans, at least in the beginning, in this season, the fans were able to make fire on the first day and won the first immunity challenge.  Perhaps this game won't be so unbalanced after all.

The First Tribal Council, and Survivor History

With immunity going to the fans, the favorites now had to vote out one of their own.  Francesca didn't want to be the first person to be voted out, as she had been voted out first in Survivor Redemption Island.  Her idea was to vote out Phillip first.  Several people agreed that that might be a good strategy, as Phillip had already been a little heavy-handed and was trying to control the other people.  When Francesca told this to Andrea, Andrea went to Phillip with the plot, and Phillip decided to try to vote out Francesca.

Cochran and Dawn, who had been together in Survivor South Pacific, decided that they would team up together.  They might even take each other to the end, if possible.  They were undecided on whether to vote with Francesca or with Phillip.  Erik and Brandon, while they didn't care much for Phillip, thought that perhaps they might want to vote Andrea out first, instead of Phillip.  It seemed like Andrea was playing both sides.  They persuaded everyone voting on Francesca's side to vote for Andrea instead of Phillip.  Meanwhile, they noticed how Phillip seemed quite calm, and wondered whether he had found a hidden immunity idol or not.  He hadn't, but they contemplated splitting the vote for a while.

During Tribal Council, Phillip noted that he was a little apprehensive about seeing Francesca again.  Cochran felt that the game was moving a lot faster the second time around with returning players.

The vote was taken, and four people voted against Andrea, while six people, including Dawn and Cochran, voted Francesca out.  She became the first person to be voted off first in Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites 2; she also made Survivor history by becoming the very first person to be voted out first on two different seasons.  In her closing remarks, she noted that perhaps Survivor wasn't for her.
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