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Thursday, 21 February 2013 07:45
Honey Badger

Brandon said that he was like a Honey Badger.  Photo by Jaganath.In Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites 2, Episode 2, some of the people started to get on each other’s nerves.  Some people weren’t pulling their weight around camp, while others realized that organization can help when the time came to participate in immunity challenges.


The episode started out after tribal council, when Brandon and Dawn had a disagreement.  Knowing that Francesca had been voted out first the last time she had appeared on Survivor, Brandon thought that it had been mean to vote her out first again.  This really upset Dawn, who had to walk away.  On the beach, she sat by herself and cried for a bit.  Back at camp, Brandon thought that perhaps he needed to change tactics a bit, and play more like his Uncle Russell this time around.  He compared himself to a “honey badger” in this regard.

Brandon and Phillip weren’t on the best of terms either.  Phillip saw himself as the CEO of the tribe, which he liked to compare to some sort of a spy organization.  While he was the CEO, he felt that Brandon was more like middle management.  Brandon saw his tactics as those of a bully, resembling Boston Rob.  Brandon wasn’t the only person that didn’t care for how Phillip was acting: although Malcolm smiled and played along with his “spy organization” delusion, he really didn’t want to have to deal with that for the whole game.


Not everything was going well over at the Gota tribe with the fans either.  Shamar, in particular, stood out as being exceptionally lazy.  He didn’t want to get himself too dehydrated, but by concentrating on his own physical health, he failed to contribute to the tribe.  One of the days, he spent 19 hours of the day lying in the shelter.  His laziness didn’t go unnoticed.  His only advantage in the game seems to be that he happens to be in the larger alliance made up of couples, and that he happens to be strong.  When those are no longer useful, it is unlikely that he will stay with the tribe.  Sherri thought of Shamar as her “Phillip”.

Combined Immunity/Reward Challenge

The challenge for the day was a combined immunity and reward challenge.  As the tribes marched in, Phillip accidentally knocked over the purple Bikal flag.  The fans were shocked to see that Francesca had been voted out, especially considering that she had been voted out first in her original season.

The challenge took place in three stages, with three members of each tribe taking part in each stage.  One group would pull at a system of pullies, bringing another group out to a platform in the water.  The group at the platform would dive into the water and would release life rings from the water.  After the divers returned to shore, a third group would throw the life rings at three different poles.  The first tribe to get a ring around each pole would win.  In addition to immunity, the winning tribe won some fishing gear.

At first, the two tribes were fairly evenly matched.  During the diving portion of the challenge, the fans fell far behind.  They had only released two life rings by the time the favorites had released all nine of theirs.  While they started to catch up in the last stage, the favorites had built up a large enough lead that they ended up winning.

Somebody is Going Home

Gota now had to vote somebody out.  A lot of people, including Matt, didn’t care for Shamar’s laziness, but the two couples that had segregated themselves from the rest of the group could be more of a threat.

Reynold decided that he would go search for the Hidden Immunity Idol.  Even though nobody had seen any clues for it yet, he figured that there just might be one.  He looked under tree roots, and actually found it.  Although he tried to hide his find, Laura noticed a bulge in his pants pocket right before they left for Tribal Council.  It was too late to notify her alliance though.

At Tribal Council, Shamar’s laziness became one of the topics of discussion.  He had to admit that yes, he had spent 19 hours in the shelter one day.  Although as a Marine he did have experience surviving in the heat and living off a small amount of food, it was difficult living off a limited amount of rice and coconuts.  Another topic that came up was the fact that they hadn’t been very organized when getting ready for the challenge; they should have placed people in their areas of strength.

Everyone on the tribe seemed to acknowledge that Reynold, Allie, Eddie, and Hope were a group that had a lot in common and hit it off right at the start.  Before they ended up voting, Laura also brought up the fact that someone in the tribe had a bulge in their pocket and probably had the Hidden Immunity Idol.  While she didn’t say who had it, she looked directly at Reynold while saying this; he admitted that he had it, and said that he intended on playing it that night because having it put a big target on his head.

Although Laura had been a little worried that Reynold might try to give his idol to Allie, he didn’t; he didn’t even use it for himself like he said that he would.  The vote was split along alliance lines, with four votes going to Shamar, and the remaining six votes eliminating Allie.

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