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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Thursday, 28 February 2013 07:19

In Survivor Caramoan episode 3, the vote was split.  Brandon said that if he weren't safe, there would be hell to pay.  Image by Seano1There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay

In the third episode of Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs. Favorites 2, the fans had taken sides, and one person in particular, Shamar, was at the center of the division.  In the meantime, the favorites were making alliances and scheming to secretly oust one of their tribemates.  In the end, the tribe that went to tribal council tried a voting scheme that is always risky to carry out: splitting the vote to make sure that the immunity idol doesn’t mess up their plans.


When the fans returned from tribal council, Reynold was upset that his ally Allie had been voted out.  Shamar blew his top, not only yelling at Reynold, but yelling at Matt, who was in his alliance.  In a way, Reynold, Eddie, and Hope tried to make themselves feel better about being in their losing alliance by calling the blindside of the night before the “Revenge of the Nerds.”  Rather than realizing that they weren’t in high school anymore and would have to play nicely with the others if they wanted the chance to stay around, they decided to resort to name calling.

In the meantime, Shamar decided that he wanted to quit.  Sherri had tried to coach him, asking him to not let Reynold or Eddie ruffle his feathers, because otherwise it might get him voted off.  Being on the tribe had put him in a dark mood, reminding him of the time after he had left the Marine Corps.  His friends convinced him to stay around for a while longer; they helped him see things more clearly, and he decided to stick it out, much to Reynold’s disappointment.


Although no clues had been found yet, Malcolm and Corinne went to look to see if there was an immunity idol hidden somewhere.  Indeed, there was, and Malcolm found it.  The two had formed a natural alliance because neither of them were playing with anybody else who had played on their season before.  Although Malcolm had found the idol, that wasn’t going to keep Corinne off the chopping block.  Andrea wanted to get rid of Corinne, and approached Brandon to try to vote with her.

Immunity and Reward Challenge

For the combined immunity and reward challenge, the Survivors had to swim out to a bamboo cage, climb up the bamboo cage and jump into the water inside, untie the door to the cage, drag a heavy chest to shore, and then use a grappling hook to assemble a track that they would slide the chest over to get to the finish line.  In addition to immunity, the winning tribe would also win items to help them be more comfortable: pillows, blankets, chairs, and a tarp.

The challenge was pretty close.  The favorites tribe all got into the cage first, but the fans opened the cage first and were the first to get the chest onto the shore.  As the fans and favorites battled during the final section with the grappling hook, they were tied up until the point where the very last section of track had to be grabbed.  Brandon grabbed the last piece of track for the favorites, which allowed them to grab the win.

Split the Vote?

Once again, Shamar and Reynold started arguing again after the immunity challenge.  Shamar was upset because he wears contacts, and he needed to wear the goggles so he could see underwater, and he felt like Reynold ignored his need.

Meanwhile, someone had to be voted out, and the dominant alliance figured that Hope would be the best choice.  Eddie and Reynold had skills that could be used during the challenges, but their friend Hope hadn’t proven herself to be as indispensible.  Knowing that Reynold had a hidden immunity idol, they decided to split the vote, with three people voting for Eddie, and three people voting for Hope.  They figured that this would result in a three-way tie between Hope, Eddie, and Shamar; they would break this tie by voting out Hope.

Splitting the vote can be a very risky thing, and more often than not, works against the alliance trying to split the vote.  If just one person is convinced to vote another way, things tend to fall apart.  In this case, since Reynold had a hidden immunity idol, and they didn’t know if he would use it to save his friend, the split vote, if everybody voted as expected, would work whether or not the hidden immunity idol was played.

The split vote plan could have easily fallen apart.  Shamar was on the beach talking to Hope.  She asked if she was going to get voted out, and he told her that he wasn’t going to vote for her, but if she wanted to stick around longer, she might want to consider voting against someone in her alliance.  This discussion got back to Shamar’s alliance; some of them weren’t sure if Shamar’s loyalties were actually on their side or not.

Much of tribal council was spent discussing Shamar and the troubles that he was having with everybody else.  He seemed to feel like he was a victim, and everybody was picking on him.  While he may have felt that way, he wasn’t exactly innocent.  He mentioned how he felt like Reynold was evil, and how he had a “no talking” list of people that he didn’t want to talk to.  Reynold was on it, and Eddie was on it because he was Reynold’s friend.

While split-vote plans often don’t work in Survival, this time it worked perfectly.  When the vote came, there was a three-way tie between Shamar, Hope, and Eddie (evidently, Hope didn’t take Shamar’s hint to vote for someone in her alliance to heart).  During the revote, Hope was voted out of the tribe.
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