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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Thursday, 07 March 2013 08:01

Kill or Be Killed

In Survivor Caramoan, either you compete well or you're gone.In Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs. Favorites episode 4, one player has a medical emergency.  One tribe has to choose between whether to vote out the weakest physical link or to vote with their alliance.  In the meantime, Phillip continues to give “code names” to the people on his tribe, much to the annoyance of some.

When the episode began, Eddie was upset that his ally, Hope, had been voted out, instead of Shamar or Laura.  Being outside of the dominant alliance, I’m not sure what he was expecting.  Hope wasn’t necessarily a challenge powerhouse herself, and having a couple in an alliance can be a very powerful thing.  Voting out Hope was probably a smart move on the part of the majority alliance.  Voting out Eddie and Reynold at this point might be a mistake, however.

Over at the Favorites tribe, Phillip was going around handing out “code names” to everybody on the tribe; even people outside of his alliance.  I’m not sure if he thought that it was cute or anything, but at least a few people on the tribe found it a little annoying.  They went along with it anyway.  For some reason, Phillip had a dominant role in the tribe, and it’s usually not a good idea to get on the wrong side of someone who is leading the tribe, unless you can form your own alliance that is at least as powerful.

Reward Challenge

This episode of Survivor, there was a reward challenge AND an immunity challenge.  For the reward, a local bushman would come visit the tribe, help them around camp, and prepare a meal for them.  He would also give them some advice on how to survive and thrive in the area.

To win, there were four platforms in the water.  Six of the players would hold up planks in between the platforms; the remaining two players would walk across these planks from platform to platform.  They would walk between platforms twice.  Once the two players arrived at the final platform, everyone would swim to the final platform, which was pretty small.  All of the players would have to stand on or above this platform.  The first tribe to do this would win.

This challenge was incredibly close.  The Favorites were ahead for much of this time, but at the very end, both tribes were at the top of the platform at the same time.  Matt had difficulty picking his foot up to get the win for the Fans, and the Favorites won.  They didn’t exactly need the small, perky bushman to come to the tribe and give them advice, but the entertainment value, food, and morale boost was probably helpful to them nonetheless.

Shamar’s Undoing

After the challenge, Shamar immediately went back to the shelter.  He was still spending about 19 hours a day there.  In addition to lounging around all day, claiming to be exhausted, he got to the point where he wanted his allies to start bringing his meals to him every day.  That was about enough.  His allies started plotting to vote him out.

That wasn’t necessary, however.  Shamar ended up getting some sort of dirt or something in his eye.  Normally, when you get a piece of dirt or something in your eye, you can produce tears and wash it out that way.  In Shamar’s case, his eyes got all swollen, and medical came.  They put some dye in his eye and discovered that he had scratched his cornea.  They wanted to pull him out of the game so he could get it taken care of.  Not willing to risk his eyesight, Shamar reluctantly agreed.

Shamar had been an Iraq War veteran; how was it that he had been so lazy and unproductive on Survivor?  To his credit, when you’re in the military, they generally feed you a decent amount of food.  While he was pulled out of the game due to an eye injury, his initial undoing was not being able to cope with the lack of food.

Survivor Immunity Challenge

Now three players down, the Fans really needed to win the immunity challenge.  The challenge had five players race out to a platform in the water by walking over floating platforms and swimming, jumping off of the platform, smashing a tile along the way, and catching a key that fell when the tile was smashed.  Each player would swim back to shore, allowing the next player to go.  These five keys would be used by the remaining two players to open three locks, which were locking a large trunk full of beanbags.  These beanbags would be thrown at some blocks stacked up on a wall.  When all the blocks were off the wall, the tribe would win.

The fans had a slow start, when Sherri wasn’t able to release the key when she jumped from the platform the first time, so she had to climb the platform and jump off again.  They remained nearly an entire key behind for the entire challenge, although Eddie made a valiant attempt to try to get them caught up.  Laura seemed exhausted even while opening the locks.  Reynold’s throwing at the end started to get them caught up, but the lead for the Favorites was too great, and Phillip threw the final block off their wall, giving them the win.  The Fans were going to have to vote somebody else off.

The Vote

Reynold and Eddie expected that one of them would be voted out.  They weren’t part of the main alliance, but they were also two of the strongest members of the tribe.  Matt thought that it would be a good idea to vote out Laura, who had been one of the weakest links in nearly every challenge that they had lost.  Sherri and Julia weren’t sure that voting off Laura would be a good idea: would they be next?  They figured that the tribe would have to start winning challenges soon, and so, the tribe voted unanimously (with the exception of Laura) to vote her off.  In the alliance’s favor, Reynold did play his idol; Laura’s solitary vote for him was negated.

While the players are concerned with keeping their strongest players in the game, there is one other thing that they might want to concern themselves with: a tribe swap.  Favorites nearly always have an advantage in this kind of game, and in Survivor Micronesia, where the Fans Vs. Favorites concept was first played, they had a tribe swap in episode 5.  While there is no guarantee of a tribe swap, if there is one, then it wouldn’t really matter if they kept Laura around.
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