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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Thursday, 14 March 2013 07:38

Persona Non Grata

Phillip thought of Brandon as a "Persona Non Grata" in Survivor Caramoan Episode 5.  Photo by stroinski.Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs. Favorites 2, Episode 5 was an episode unlike any other that you’ve seen in Survivor history.  In this episode, one of the tribe members decides that he doesn’t like the way that things are going, and decides to go out with a bang.  If you’re going to watch one Survivor episode this season, you’ll probably want to catch this one.  It is one for Survivor history.

As the episode started, the Fans tribe was optimistic after voting out Laura and flushing out the hidden immunity idol.  Reynold said that he didn’t really like having the hidden immunity idol, and he felt that it just put a target on his back, but don’t believe that for a second.  He wanted to have it.

Over at the Favorites tribe, Brandon was missing his family, but he was a little indecisive.  First, he volunteered for his tribemates to vote him out of the game.  Later, he admitted to thinking about burning down the shelter and peeing in the beans and rice.  Then, he changed his mind and decided to play with all of his heart.

Reward Challenge

For the reward challenge, two tribe members would hold onto a rope attached to a giant net (for a total of two nets per tribe).  The other team would throw coconuts into each net, with the hopes that the net would get too heavy and the player would let go of the rope.  The last tribe to have one of their players holding on would win a reward: barbecue supplies with meat, condiments, bread, and vegetables.

Phillip and Brandon held the nets for the Favorites.  Matt and Michael held the nets for the Fans.  Brandon was the first to drop his net.  Matt dropped second for the Favorites.  Michael dropped his net next; Phillip was still holding on, giving the Favorites another win.

After the Reward Challenge

The next day, the Favorites all decided to go out looking for the hidden immunity idol, knowing that it had probably been hidden again while they were away.  Reynold found it yet again.

Brandon was upset because he felt like Phillip was taking all the credit for winning the challenge for himself.  In addition he was the only one who started the fire with flint, and he resented how Phillip told him that he was the hand that fed him, and he shouldn’t mess with him.  Phillip was not very happy with Brandon either.  He wanted to throw the challenge so he could get rid of Brandon; Phillip said that he couldn’t trust him.

After Andrea mentioned to Brandon that Phillip was planning on throwing the challenge, Brandon became enraged.  He poured all of the tribe’s rice on the ground, and dumped their beans as well.  If Phillip was planning on voting him out, he wanted Phillip to have a reason to vote him out.  He shouted “I’m the author of my fate, buddy!” and “Now vote me out!” along with an expletive.  The rest of the tribe was ready to vote him out right then.

An Unusual Tribal Council

After everybody walked in for the immunity challenge, Brandon addressed the Fans.  He begged them not to let Phillip get to the end of the game.  Jeff invited Brandon to join him away from his tribe, on more neutral ground.  Clearing up some of the confusion that must have arisen, Corinne said that they planned on forfeiting the challenge in order for them to go to tribal council.  Brandon told the fans that Phillip was giving everybody degrading names, and that Phillip had told him “not to bite the hand that feeds him”.  As Phillip started talking in order to tell his side of the discussion, Andrea started crying.  She was upset that people were saying cruel things to each other.  Although Phillip hadn’t really said much prior to that point, Phillip chose to chime in, saying that Brandon was a pathetic individual.

Dawn was obviously stressed; it looked like she was doing calming breathing exercises to help relieve her tension.  After admitting to dumping out the rice and the beans, Brandon said that if the Fans were starving, then the Favorites might need to starve along with them.  Not letting that be the end of the discussion, Phillip insulted Brandon’s children and family.

In an unprecedented move, Jeff decided to hold tribal council right there at the challenge.  All of the players voted verbally.  Brandon voted for Phillip, while all of the others (some seemingly reluctantly) voted out Brandon.  He became the fifth person to be voted out of Survivor Caramoan Islands: Fans Vs. Favorites 2.  He also became the first person to get voted out of the island in a verbal vote, or to get voted out at an immunity challenge that was never performed.

In the next episode, it looks like there will be a tribal shuffle.  I had suspected that it might happen during this season, since the Fans had an obvious advantage; in Fans vs. Favorites 1, it happened during the fifth episode.  This season, it looks like it might happen during the sixth episode.

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