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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Thursday, 21 March 2013 08:51

Operation Thunder Dome

In Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs. Favorites Episode 6, the tribes get shaken up a little bit (as we could expect, since this was a Fans vs. Favorites season).  The tribes are getting a new start, in a way, but for one tribe member, it will be the end of the Survivor journey.  Old rivalries will continue, however.  It will be up to the other tribe members to try to exploit this.

After the immunity challenge that never was, because the Favorites chose to forfeit so they could vote out Brandon at an impromptu Tribal Council, it was apparent that the Favorites left behind were still a little upset.  Although Brandon was gone, they couldn’t stop talking about him.  They hoped that he never came back for another Survivor season.

The Switch

When Treemail arrived, it said that the winners would have fun and celebrate together.  Jeff asked them how everybody felt after Brandon left the game in the dramatic way that he did.  The Favorites were relieved to get rid of him, and the Fans were happy to have had some good news for a change; they were glad that they could break the Tribal Council streak that they had been on.  Matt said that he felt a little sorry for Phillip after what he witnessed with Brandon.

Now that everybody was feeling comfortable, it was time to shake things up again.  Instead of a challenge, there was a tribe switch.  They all picked eggs with paint inside.  When they broke the egg, the color inside would reveal the tribe that they were now on.  Once again, the tribes would be even, with seven players per tribe, but the Fans would be at a disadvantage, since there were fewer of them left.  In addition to the tribal switch, both tribes would be given another bag of rice (probably to make up for the fact that Brandon dumped the rice in the previous episode) and another flint, in case the first one had worn down too much.

Once at their new tribes, the players started to get to know each other.  At the new orange Gota tribe, Reynold and Eddie immediately started campaigning their new male tribemates on Gota to vote Sherri off; they weren’t sure what to make of it, but they figured that they might be able to exploit the division.  Meanwhile, Sherri told Brenda and Andrea that she liked Reynold, but not when he was around Eddie.  Over at the purple Bikal tribe, Phillip tried to convince Julia to flip and vote with them.  Corinne didn’t really like it, and briefly contemplated voting out Phillip.

The Immunity Challenge

For the immunity challenge, the players were going to do the challenge that they didn’t do the episode before, because Bikal had chosen to forfeit in order to get rid of Brandon.  Each tribe would send out their tribemates two by two; they would roll a set of very heavy tribe-colored crates across a field over to a set of steps.  Once all of the crates had been rolled to the steps, they would place them on the steps in such a way that along the side, it would say “Fans Vs. Favorites”.  The first tribe to finish would have immunity.

Gota quickly achieved a one-crate lead, and kept the lead the entire time.  After they moved all of the crates, they worked together to solve the puzzle and put the crates on the steps.  Meanwhile, Phillip went out three times to retrieve crates, and by the end, he was looking visibly tired.  While Gota was communicating with each other and getting the job done, Bikal wasn’t communicating well, and was falling further and further behind.  Gota won before Bikal even had one crate in place.

Not Everybody Likes Phillip, But...

When Bikal returned to camp after the immunity challenge, Phillip blabbed on and on about the challenge.  Corrine was annoyed, and she wasn’t the only one.  Matt was also not endeared to Phillips little “Stealth R Us” game; other players had mentioned before in confessional that they didn’t like it either.  Everyone felt like they had to play along though in order to stay in the game, because nobody spoke to anybody else about their feelings about it or expressed the desire to vote Phillip off.

It was clear that the Favorites were dominant in the Bikal tribe.  They were either going to vote out Julia or Matt.  Because Michael and Matt were fairly close, the Favorites felt that they should vote one of the two out.  Corinne didn’t really want to vote out Michael, but that was how her alliance wanted to vote.  Matt was voted out with four votes.  Dawn received one vote, and Julie received two votes.

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