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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Thursday, 28 March 2013 08:14

Tubby Lunchbox

In Survivor Caramoan Episode 7, Phillip should go, but nobody wants to stand against him.  Photo by vivekchughIn Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs. Favorites Episode 7, Bikal continued to have difficulty in the challenges.  One person in particular seemed to be holding them back.  The fans are in the minority, and are battling to stay in the game.  In addition, Corinne and Phillip feud within their alliance about the way their tribe should be run.

What to do With Phillip?

Phillip seems to be full of his own power in this game.  His animosity with Corinne was growing.  He was now upset that Corinne would go talk to other people without going back to report to him what they had discussed.  This was very like the way Boston Rob played; however, Phillip is no Boston Rob.

When Treemail came and everybody discovered that the challenge would require strength, Phillip bragged about how strong he was.  He told everybody about how his training regimen didn’t cause him to get bulky.  He does have some upper body strength; he demonstrated this by challenging Cochran to an arm wrestling challenge, and Cochran even had trouble beating him even with both hands.  Being able to beach Cochran in an arm wrestling challenge really isn’t much to brag about though; I doubt that Cochran sees the inside of a gym very often.

The Reward Challenge

For the Survivor reward challenge, all the players were clipped together, carrying 20 pound sandbags.  The two tribes were placed at opposite sides of an oval.  They would race around the oval; the first tribe to catch up to the other tribe would win a trip to a coffee bar.  Any player could drop out if they didn’t feel like they could keep up, but they’d have to give their weight to another player.  If you have been watching Survivor for a while, you may recall that this challenge was used in Palau, and a similar version of this challenge took place in Cook Islands.

Phillip made sure that they put him in the front of Bikal, because he was so athletic and everything.  However, it didn’t seem that his upper body strength translated to endurance.  At first, he wanted his tribe to walk.  When Gota started to catch up to them, the others wanted to go faster, but he still wanted to walk.  When Gota was right on their heels, the tribe started to run out of desperation, but Phillip said that he couldn’t run.  At that point, he should have given his weight to someone else and dropped out, but pride wouldn’t let him.  He actually fell down towards the end.  While he was the first person in the chain, he ended up behind everybody else, and was the person that the Gota person tagged.

Gota enjoyed their trip to the coffee bar, where they consumed coffee, muffins, and sweets (including chocolate).

Survivor Immunity Challenge

For the immunity challenge, three members of each tribe would paddle out to a platform, then dive down to get a statue.  They would place it at the base of a tower.  The three other tribe members would use grappling hooks to retrieve five keys, which would be used to open a lock.  Once they opened the lock, they would pull on a rope that would lift their statue to the top.

Gota took a quick lead, but then their canoe started to go off course, which allowed Bikal to catch up.  On the way back, Gota took the lead after Bikal almost capsized.  In the final part, Reynold was able to throw the grappling hook successfully, but Phillip had quite a lot of trouble.  What was essentially a tie before the grappling hook portion of the challenge was lost for Bikal by Phillip.

The Vote

After Bikal returned back to camp, Phillip told Cochran that he purposefully threw the challenge, but made it look like he was putting in a valiant effort.  While Cochran didn’t believe him one bit, he believed that Phillip had convinced himself that he was purposely throwing the challenge.

Phillip wanted to split the vote, but Corinne was opposed to it.  Corinne wanted to keep Michael around.  This led to an argument.  In the end, Phillip got his way; in the first round of voting, the vote was split between Michael and Julia, and in the tiebreaker round, the vote was unanimous for Julia.

My question is why don’t people just vote out Phillip?  Many people are turned off by his “secret agent” game.  Before being voted out, Julia expressed to Dawn how she was on Phillip’s side, but only because it would keep her in the game.  Corinne despises him, and would have been able to sway Michael’s vote Phillip’s way.  Perhaps they are just afraid of the power that they have allowed him to have, and are afraid that if they spoke up and they were the only ones, they would be immediately voted out.  The merge will occur next week; perhaps that will change things up a bit.

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