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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Thursday, 04 April 2013 08:04

Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites Episode 8

Blindside Time

In Survivor Caramoan, Fans Vs. Favorites Episode 8, the two tribes merged.  A dwindling number of fans knew that they had to do something if they were going to have any hopes of surviving.  In the meantime, the players got to enjoy (or not) a gross food eating challenge.

After Bikal returned from tribal council, Phillip took Corinne and Dawn aside to tell them that he had decided, at the very last minute, to throw the challenge.  While Phillip might have convinced himself that this was true, Corinne and Dawn weren’t exactly buying it.

The next day, a boat pulled up with a note, telling the tribe to gather up everything and get ready to move to their new home.  Everyone was excited that they had made it to the merge.  The players celebrated with new green buffs and food to eat.  They named the new tribe Enil Edam, which is Madeline spelled backwards.  Malcolm suggested the name, telling them that it meant “New Beginning”.  He really just wanted to name the tribe after his mom, but he wasn’t going to tell this to anybody else.

The challenge was a gross eating challenge.  People would eat their gross foods in various stages.  Round one consisted of two groups with six players each.  They all ate beetle larvae, which were quite large, and were still wiggling on the plates.  The first three to get them eaten would move on.  Andrea, Malcolm, and Eddie were the first to eat their larvae from group one and Cochran, Phillip, and Michael were the first three to finish from group two.  In the second round, the first three to eat shipworms would move on to round three.  Eddie, Malcolm, and Cochran moved on to the third round.  The next challenge was to eat baloot, which was a duck embryo, complete with feathers and even a beak.  Cochran and Malcom finished first and went to the finals.  The final food item was pig brain.  Cochran won.  To him, winning was a dream come true.

After the challenge, the tribe had to pick somebody to vote out.  Phillip once again wanted to split the vote to flush the idol out; Corinne suggested that they get rid of Sherri first, as many of the fans didn’t like her.  Although she was officially part of the Favorites alliance, Corinne put together a separate alliance with Eddie and Reynold; they would vote Sherri out this time, and at the next tribal council, would vote out Phillip.

In Survivor, it is very important to talk to people that are on your side.  Believing that Dawn would be sympathetic to her side, Corinne told her plans to Dawn.  Dawn went and told these plans to Cochran.  Cochran shared this with Andrea, and eventually, the entire Favorites Alliance knew about this.  While Corinne had a core group that voted her way, unfortunately for her, she didn’t have enough people on her side.  Although Eddie, Reynold, Malcolm, and Michael voted her way, her old Favorites allies, along with Sherri, voted against her.  Corinne was voted out.