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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Thursday, 11 April 2013 07:53

Cut Off the Head of the Snake

In Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites Episode 9, the Favorites still seemed to have an upper hand.  Phillip’s alliance seemed to have a stranglehold on all the players, but not everybody was in line.  Malcolm, for example, had allied with Corinne, who had been voted out at the previous tribal council.  The Fans knew that they had to do something to break up Stealth R Us if they were to stay in the game; the only question was, how were they going to do it?

As the episode began, Phillip decided that he wanted to induct Sherri into the Stealth R Us alliance with the name “Tenacity.”  Sherri wasn’t a big fan of Phillip’s, but she was willing to put up with him if it meant staying in the game.  Eddie and Reynold weren’t big fans of hers; if they had been willing to put their differences aside, they might have been able to recruit her over to their side.

Reward Challenge

For the reward, the players were divided up into two groups of five.  Four players from each group would jump from a platform into the water, trying to knock a ball into a net in the process; the fifth player from each group would play the job of goalie.  The winning team would get to visit a waterfall, rappelling to the ground, and having a picnic lunch while on the bottom.  The first team to score four points would win.

The game went back and forth between the orange and purple teams, with no team taking a clear lead and plenty of ties.  Brenda, Andrea, and Phillip scored points for their orange team, while Erik, Cochran, and Eddie scored for the purple team.  Brenda missed a point on her second time shooting, while Erik scored a second point, which gave the win to the purple tribe.

While on the reward challenge, Cochran was a little bit nervous about the rappelling, but he made it.  The all-male winning team talked about forming an all-male alliance, and tried to convince Cochran to join with them; however, forming a tribe of brawn and testosterone wasn’t really the way to Cochran’s heart, considering that he was more of an intellectual bookworm.

Back at camp, Malcolm tried to win players over to his counter-alliance against Phillip.  He spoke to both Sherri and Dawn about this.  Both ladies were loyal to Phillip, and brought this information back to him.  This put Malcolm on the chopping block.

A Budding Relationship?

Andrea and Eddie seemed to be developing a friendship, or perhaps even a relationship.  They would leave the camp together, talk, and even share information.  Perhaps they were playing each other to try to get further in the game, but maybe there was something more to it.  Only time would tell.

Immunity is Up for Grabs

For the immunity challenge, the players would swim under a metal grate, and stay there as the tide rose.  As the tide rose, there would be less and less space for them to breathe.  The last person to stay under the grate would win immunity.  Phillip, who wasn’t really in danger of being voted out, was the first person to go out.  Sherri and Erik followed him next.  Dawn, Michael, Eddie, Cochran, and Reynold left next, as the waves started interrupting their breathing.  Andrea hung on for as long as she could, but eventually, she couldn’t hold on for as long as Brenda, who received immunity.

The Vote

The hours after the vote were full of scrambling.  Reynold, trying to gain Dawn’s trust, showed her his idol.  The guys who were trying to form their testosterone alliance considered voting out Andrea.  Eddie went to talk to Andrea, who let him know that they were planning on splitting the vote between him and Reynold, although they were actually planning on voting Malcolm out.  Eddie didn’t really like the idea of him or his good friend Reynold getting voted out.  He let her know that there might be an idol in his group, and that people had considered writing her name down.

Not knowing whether Reynold, Malcolm, or Eddie had idols, Andrea convinced her Favorites alliance to vote out Michael instead; they figured that Michael didn’t have an idol, and would have been a safe vote.

During Tribal Council, the subject of changing alliances came up.  Phillip admitted that at some point, he expected people to try to shuffle the alliances around, but said that now would not be a good time to do that, and that they planned to flush out anybody who tried to be bold and form a counter-alliance.  Malcolm thought that meant that they were going to vote out him.  When Reynold brought his idol out, Malcolm said that they were talking about him, and asked for Reynold to use his idol on him (even though he had his own idol that nobody else knew about).  Reynold decided to give his idol to Malcolm, although it was not necessary.

Neither Reynold nor Malcolm needed the idol.  Three people voted for Andrea, there was one vote for Reynold (coming from Malcolm), and the rest of the votes were for Michael, who became the first member of the jury.