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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Thursday, 18 April 2013 08:21

Zipping Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

In Survivor Caramoan Episode 10, things went crazy at Tribal Council, and some people thought that Dawn was going crazy too.  Photo by defret.In many seasons of Survivor, there seems to be one person on the tribe where every time you see them, you just have to wonder “why don’t they vote that person out?”  Then week after week, they stay in the game.  In Survivor Caramoan Episode 10, things change in a big way.  The rest of the season will never be the same.  How it will be only remains to be seen next week.

There were obviously two different alliances: Malcolm, Eddie, and Reynold, against the rest of the tribe, which were a part of “Stealth R Us,” which was controlled by Phillip, who gave everybody secret agent names that probably nobody except him thought were endearing or cute.

Dawn shouted for somebody to come and help.  This is usually not a good sign.  Brenda ran out to the dock where she was standing to see what was going on, and found Dawn crying.  Evidently, Dawn had lost a couple of her front teeth, and had a retainer with false teeth in them; the retainer had fallen out into the water.  Dawn didn’t want to go on in the game without her teeth.  This might not have been a completely rational decision, as Dawn had been having trouble sleeping lately due to a fear of being blindsided, but Brenda was kind enough to put on a snorkel and mask and swim into the water to find it for her.  She was able to find it, and saved the day for Dawn.  Her behavior made some people think that she was going crazy, or "zipping over the cuckoo's nest" as Brandon Hantz had.

Reward Challenge

For the reward, the players were split into two teams.  They had to run through an obstacle course which first contained, a balance beam, then mud for the players to dig around in and find one bag of balls per player, then they had to run through rice.  After all the players on the team went through the obstacle course, they had to untie the bags of balls, and shoot the balls into a basket.  The reward was a chance to go to a resort and eat; not only would there be a variety of food, there would also be alcoholic drinks as well.

Eric took an early lead for his purple team; Malcolm took the time to get all the balls for his orange team before he moved on.  Reynold followed Eric on the purple team, and found the rest of the balls in the mud, while still maintaining a lead.  Purple stayed in the lead for the rest of the game.  They had finished making all of the baskets before the players on the orange team had finished untying all of their ball bags.

Reynold, Dawn, Eric, Cochran, and Phillip were on the team that won the reward.  They were excited to see a table full of more food than they could eat set out as a reward.  Dawn was excited to see a shower, with soap.  There was even a pool to swim in.  After getting all muddy and covered with rice, everybody took a shower before jumping into the pool, except Phillip.  He jumped into the pristine swimming pool while still covered with dirt.  A muddy cloud surrounded him after he jumped into the pool.

After everybody came back from the challenge, Stealth R Us had a meeting.  They decided to vote Reynold out, but split the votes, so that four votes would go to him, and three would go to Malcolm.

Survivor Immunity Challenge

For the immunity challenge, the players would have to jump into the water, swim under the platform, pulling on a rope to help them gain speed.  They would grab a life ring on one side of the platform, then move it to the other side.  They would go under the platform again and repeat.  The challenge would have two heats with five players in each heat, and would be followed by a final with the top two players from each heat.

In the first heat, Andrea and Reynold were the fastest and moved on.  Before the second heat began, Phillip said that he would sit out; he had a traumatizing experience as a child and declined to do the challenge.  This gave the players in the second heat a better chance to win.  Malcolm and Eddie were in the lead in this heat, but Eddie missed the post when he tried to put his life ring on it; this gave Andrea the chance to make it to the final.  In the final round, Malcolm and Reynold took the lead, but Reynold was a little bit faster and won immunity.

The Vote that Changed the Season

Since Reynold had immunity, Stealth R Us decided to split the vote between Malcolm and Eddie, giving Malcolm four votes.

After Malcolm played an idol last week, everybody knew that there was another hidden immunity idol out there.  Malcolm, Eddie, Reynold, Dawn and Andrea all went out to look for it.  The luck went to Malcolm, who found the idol right in front of Dawn, Andrea, and Reynold.  Eddie knew that he was going home for sure now.

Sometimes, however, things turn out better than you expect them to.  This is what happened in Eddie’s case.  During Tribal Council, Phillip was asked why he sat out the immunity challenge; Phillip explained that he had gotten trapped under a deck as a boy and wound up getting disoriented.  The topic of Tribal switched to the Hidden Immunity Idol that Malcolm found.  Malcolm showed it to Jeff, then said that he was going to change the game, as he brought out the other Hidden Immunity Idol that he had that nobody knew about.  He gave his other idol to Eddie, and announced that he and his friends would be voting for Phillip.  Malcolm said that Phillip sucked all the fun out of the game with his militaristic “Stealth R Us” alliance.

The remaining seven were a little unsure of what they were going to do at this point.  Andrea was scared that their plan was a ruse and they might vote her out instead.  Phillip suggested that his alliance split the vote as planned, just in case one of them didn’t play the idol, even if it meant that he ended up getting voted out.

That’s almost what happened.  Everybody in the Stealth R Us alliance, except Eric, who had never been a fan of Phillip’s, voted the way they had agreed to vote before Tribal Council.  All of their votes were cancelled out.  Jeff read three of Phillip’s votes, which were enough for him to be voted out.  The final vote that was left unread was also for Phillip.  He became the latest Survivor to be voted out.  While the Favorites alliance will probably remain intact, more than likely, the whole “Stealth R Us” concept that nobody except Phillip liked in the first place, will go.

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