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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Thursday, 25 April 2013 08:06

Come Over to the Dark Side

As Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites Episode 11 began, the tribe had just voted out Phillip.  Without him to perpetuate the “Stealth R Us” game, stealth nicknames were probably done with for the game.  The players were relieved.  This didn’t mean that the Favorites alliance was done with for the game though.  Malcolm, Eddie, and Reynold still would have a difficult time staying in the game, but between winning the challenges and finding all of the hidden immunity idols, it looked like the “Three Amigos” might be invincible.

Food was running out, and energy was low.  That was about to change quickly.  Treemail arrived; everybody received an envelope with $500 in it.  It was auction time.  Malcolm hoped to save all of his money to get an advantage in the game.

The rules of the auction were typical; the auction would end without warning.  This season there was no sharing money or food (in some seasons, it was permissible, and pooling money was allowed).

  • First item: beer and nuts.  After Malcolm bid $20 on it, Jeff sweetened the pot, saying that there were 3 beers and some nuts.
  • Second item: Reynold bid $180.  He won one slice of pizza, after being given the choice between that one and two other choices.  One of the alternate choices, which he didn’t take, was the rest of the pizza.
  • Sherri offered $500 for the rest of the pizza.  Jeff took it.
  • Third item: Dawn bid $500 and received chicken.
  • Fourth item: Malcolm bid $480 to get information in the game.  He had 60 seconds to read this information, which gave him a clue to the hidden immunity idol.
  • Fifth item: Andrea bid $280. She received spaghetti and garlic bread with wine.  Jeff gave her the choice to trade for rice and beans.  She agreed to the trade.
  • Sixth item: Cochran bid $340.  This gave him an advantage in the next immunity challenge.
  • Seventh item: Brenda bid $300.  Jeff uncovered a pig brain.  She took it to eat anyway, even though she didn’t eat pork.
  • Eighth item: Contained letters to loved ones.  Anybody with $20 left could buy theirs.
  • Ninth item: Eddie bid $200 on a bowl of peanut butter.  He was able to eat the first handful, but the bowl was for the tribe to share.  They had 60 seconds to eat it, with their hands.  The auction was over.

The Three Amigos Scramble

The three amigos tried to recruit Sherri and Erik.  If both of them switched, they would be in the majority.  In addition, Malcolm woke up early to try to look for the hidden immunity idol.  Andrea woke up as well.  She planned on following him, and would dig in whatever area he dug in.  This prevented him from finding the idol.

The Survivor Immunity Challenge

For the challenge, the players had to hold onto a rope with a weight containing a third of their original body weight at the end.  The rope had knots on it; as the players moved their hands farther down the knots every five minutes, the weight would be harder to hold onto.  Each player would hold onto the rope with one arm.  Cochran’s advantage that he bought at the immunity challenge was that at any time, he could choose to move up two knots, making it easier for him to hold onto the rope.

The first person to drop the rope was Brenda.  Erik and Sherri dropped their ropes next.  Malcolm, Andrea, and Dawn dropped their ropes, followed by Reynold and finally Eddie, giving Cochran the win.

Tribal Council

At tribal council, the Three Amigos thought that getting rid of Phillip had been a game-changer.  Erik’s alliance didn’t think that he would switch his alliance.  Sherri voiced her doubts about her standing in the alliance, but Dawn reassured her that she wasn’t on the bottom of the alliance.

Malcolm had led people to believe that he had a hidden immunity idol.  The Favorites alliance split the vote, and nobody switched their allegiance; this resulted in a three-way tie between Reynold, Malcolm, and Andrea in the first round of voting.  In the second round of voting, there was a unanimous vote to get rid of Malcolm.
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