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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Thursday, 02 May 2013 08:40

The Beginning of the End

In Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites, a core group of favorites banded together in order to take each other to the end.  They invited Sherri, a fan who had been alienated by Reynold and Eddie, into their group.  One by one, all of the competition, except fans Eddie and Reynold, had been voted out.  Amazingly, this happened while splitting the votes several times (to try to get rid of an immunity idol), something that often ends up backfiring; somehow this group was so loyal to each other that they could survive a few split votes.  With only two non-alliance members left and an episode where two people will be voted out, it truly is the beginning of the end for this core alliance.

Immunity and Reward

The Survivor contestants had to compete for immunity and reward.  In this challenge, they would balance on a platform in the water.  As time went on, they would move their feet closer together, making it more difficult to balance.  The winner would not only get immunity, they would also get information in the game.

During the competition, Jeff came out with donuts.  Both Eddie and Erik were willing to jump off the platform to get them.  Later, Cochran was willing to jump off the platform for three hot dogs and a soda; he claimed that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer anyway.  After the players moved to the top platform, Dawn fell into the water, followed by Sherri.    After two amazing saves, Reynold fell.  Andrea and Brenda were left.  Although they were in the same alliance, neither was willing to jump and lose to the other.  After three hours, they decided to make the challenge a little harder by balancing on one foot.  Brenda fell shortly after they began this harder version of the challenge.  Andrea won immunity and a clue to the hidden immunity idol.

Andrea shared the clue to the hidden immunity idol with the rest of her alliance.  After Erik dug up the idol, he gave it to her.  Andrea came up with the idea of blindsiding Brenda.  The others sounded like they might be agreeable to that.

At Tribal Council, Eddie said that he jumped into the water for donuts, despite being outside the main alliance, because he didn’t feel that he could have stayed in the game much longer anyway.  Jeff tried to plant doubt into Brenda and Andrea’s minds, suggesting that if they were in such a tight alliance, why wasn’t one of them willing to jump off?  Brenda said that it was important to be able to test herself.  The vote was split between Reynold, Eddie, Erik, and Sherri, with Reynold receiving four votes and a ticket to the jury.

The Second Vote

After Tribal Council, Cochran approached Brenda to let her know that Andrea had suggested voting her off.  The majority alliance started to formulate a plan to get rid of Andrea instead.  Cochran realized that Andrea could be dangerous, as she was willing to think for herself.

The immunity challenge consisted of a few stages.  First, the players had to wind a small buoy through obstacles.  At the end of the obstacle course, they would untie knots to obtain a key, which would open a chest with ladder rungs in it.  These rungs were a puzzle to solve.  The first person to assemble the puzzle ladder and climb it would win immunity.

Erik took an early lead; Sherri fell to dead last.  Erik was also the first to get the key, although Cochran was last after this stage.  Erik continued to lead the challenge, finishing the puzzle first, and winning immunity.

After the challenge, Andrea suggested to Erik that they go to the end together.  He thought that she was being honest.  Nobody else really cared for Andrea’s scheming though.  At Tribal Council, they all admitted that they were lying to each other and felt that others were lying to them.  The vote was almost a three-way tie between Brenda, Andrea, and Eddie.  Andrea should have played her hidden immunity idol, but she had no clue that she was about to be voted out; she received three votes, while Brenda and Eddie received two.  She was just the latest in a string of Survivor players to be voted out while holding a hidden immunity idol.

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