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Written by Brooke Lorren   
Saturday, 03 November 2012 07:09

Sandy has passed through the East Coast, and has left massive devastation in its wake.  Tens of thousands of people are still without power, there are gas shortages, and people have been left homeless.  I was thinking yesterday about Matthew 24:7, where the Bible says that there will be wars and rumors of war, earthquakes in diverse places, famines, and pestilences.  It doesn't mention volcanoes or hurricanes, however, I think that volcanoes and hurricanes must fit into the whole picture that Jesus was trying to tell us.  As far as I know, the Bible doesn't say anything about volcanoes or hurricanes.  The people of ancient Israel never really experienced those things.  They had felt earthquakes before, but hurricanes don't generally hit the Mediterranean Sea.  Volcanoes weren't really well-known there either.  Yes, there were volcanoes in the Roman empire, but your average farmer, carpenter or fisherman of the time never read a newspaper, and probably didn't know very many people who would have brought news of a volcano in some far-off region.  Decades later, some people might have heard about the devastation brought by Vesuvius (although still, not your average peasant, more than likely), but that major eruption hadn't happened yet.

The Bible's silence on issues that we experience today doesn't mean that they don't have any prophetic significance.  When Jesus tells us that there will be earthquakes in diverse places, famines, and pestilences, then he's telling us that the earth itself will be in turmoil.  Volcanoes and hurricanes are events that are along the same lines.  Sandy may not be one of the particular events mentioned in the Bible, but the God that controls the earthquakes also controls the hurricanes.  I'm not sure why God sent the hurricane, but it didn't surprise him.  At any rate, we should at least heed the lesson that we never know what the next week (or day) will bring us.  We need to be right with God at all times.

Looting and Heartache Left in Sandy's Wake

Hurricane SandyPlease continue to pray for the people who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Although this is affecting different people, it seems as if the devastation may have similar characteristics to the devastation left after Hurricane Katrina.  These people need your prayers.

Mercury One sent some of its workers to Coney Island to help.  They reported that there are large groups of teenagers that are being dubbed as "Wolf Packs" that are going around looting.  Families are going through garbage cans looking for food.  Some people don't have socks or shoes, and they lost their homes entirely.  In some places with multiple floors, the first floor is full of water: a combination of sea water, rain water, and sewage.  70% of the gas stations in New Jersey are either without power, or without gas, or both.  People are waiting in line for hours to get a little bit of gas for their cars or for their generators.  New Jersey governor Chris Christie is mandating a gas rationing plan.

To top it off, the weather is supposed to cool down over the weekend.  Those that don't have heat or warm blankets may have a very cold weekend.  Please pray without ceasing.

China is Flexing its Muscle

The Bible says that during the Tribulation, the "Kings of the East" will be one of the groups that will go to Jerusalem and fight with the Antichrist in the Battle of Armageddon, so we shouldn't be surprised when China starts stirring up some trouble in its little part of the world.  While the eyes of the world are on Libya and in the Northeastern United States, China was kicking some Japanese ships out of the area where there are a few groups of islands that both countries claim.  While these islands are uninhabited, what is important is what might be underneath the water near these islands: oil.  Japan calls these islands the Senkaku Islands, while China calls them the Diaoyu Islands.  I'm sure that you'll be hearing more about these in the future.

In the meantime, China has launched a new fighter jet, the J-31.  Nothing to see over there though.

Miscellaneous Headlines

Are you ready for the times to come?  I'm not just talking about the next emergency.  Are you ready for the Tribulation?  Time is running short.  Please, if you do not know the Lord Jesus, I ask you to consider your eternal destiny.  Jesus came to die for the world.  The Way of the Master explains it very well.

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